Unofficial 60-day Deadline Passed: Trump Unlikely To Be Prosecuted Before Midterms

Due to the fact federal authorities missed an informal deadline to bring charges 60 days before Election Day, it is possible former President Trump will dodge legal jeopardy before the upcoming elections. 

The “60-Day Rule” is a long-standing, yet informal, custom that states the Department of Justice should refrain from making impactful judgments within 60 days of an election that might affect voters’ choices.

Therefore, it is likely the Department of Justice will wait before deciding whether or not to press charges against the former president.

Factors Being Considered

This past Friday observed the 60-day mark until the midterm elections in 2022; therefore, it is quite doubtful that Trump will face prosecution until after the midterms. 

However, due to the fact Trump is not a candidate on the ballot in November, a number of authorities have questioned whether the conventional rule applies in this scenario.

According to Jack Goldsmith, who served as the former chief of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice, this is not at all straightforward.

It pertains to taking exploratory measures against a non-candidate past president who is nonetheless closely involved in the November election. Goldsmith made this statement in an interview with the New York Times. 

On the other hand, it seems to be implicated that the objective of it is to avoid having any meaningful impact on an election. 

Even though Trump will not be on the ballot, numerous Republican candidates who have profited from the former president’s backing could be adversely affected if criminal charges are brought against them. 

Nevertheless, many are in favor of overlooking the 60-day rule.

Numerous Investigations 

Most significantly, the former president is at the heart of an inquiry into whether or not he broke the Espionage Act by removing many sensitive records from the White House. All of this took place after he vacated the office of the presidency. 

After the FBI conducted a raid on his Mar-A-Lago house in July and found hundreds of sensitive papers, including some marked with the highest level of classification, the inquiry became public knowledge. 

Federal prosecutors are investigating how Trump’s efforts to invalidate the results of the 2020 election may have prompted the attack on the Capitol on January 6. 

After President Trump called Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and instructed him to “find” the votes necessary to secure a victory, Georgia government lawyers also launched an investigation.

This investigation pertains to how the past president may have tried to interfere with voting within the state. 

It is, however, being said all these things may be nothing but a witch-hunt by the Democrats to impede Trump from running for the presidency again in 2024. However, their plan is looking like a waste of time.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.