University Student Loses Scholarship for Not Having COVID Vaccine

If you’ve been worried about forced vaccination and vaccine passports you had good reason. We may not be quite there yet in America, but we’re very close. 

The danger lights are flashing red as the last of our liberty disappears. The latest example comes from university freshman Olivia Sandor. This bright and beautiful young woman recently lost out on $200,000 in scholarship money and university acceptance due to a simple reason:

She can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons. Her choice? Get the shot and get paralyzed or lose out on her dreams. Welcome to Fauci’s America in 2021. 

What Happened?

Sandor’s dream school is Brigham Young University in Hawaii. She was told she can’t enter BYU Hawaii, however, because she doesn’t have the COVID shot. 

Sandor can’t take the COVID shot, since she has Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) which paralyzed her waist-down when she got a different vaccine in 2019.

BYU’s rejection hit her hard, but Sandor’s physician told her not to get the shot or she could be endangering her life. As Sandor noted, she doesn’t want to have GBS. While she fully supports the right of others to take the vaccine it’s not in her range of options. 

This is entirely reasonable. Why should someone in medical danger be forced to take a vaccine or else watch her dreams fade away and crumble into dust? 

BYU Hawaii has 100% made the wrong call here, but in Fauci’s America, you can bet that millions of liberals will back up this decision and feel that they made the right and fair decision in crushing Sandor’s dreams. 

What is BYU Hawaii Thinking?

Sandor not getting into her dream school has obviously been devastating for her. The fact that she’s being blamed for her own personal medical situation is doubly humiliating and unacceptable. 

What is this college thinking with this decision? Do they not have a heart? Their decision shows the problem with vast state bureaucracy and how it can endanger people’s health. 

Even if you believe the vaccine is 100% safe (false) and 100% effective (false), there is no reason that you should believe that people who are in danger should be forced to take it. Sometimes, the cure can be worse than the disease, and Sandor’s case is definitely in that category. 

Sandor is in the Right

Sandor’s past experience with GBS is very traumatic. Her months-long paralysis sounds horribly painful; there’s no reason whatsoever that she should have to risk that happening once again. 

Thanks to Sean Hannity for giving her a platform and letting Sandor tell us about this situation. The Faucism gripping this country has no right to dictate to anyone about their private health situations. Freedom is non-negotiable. BYU gets a big thumbs down on this one.