Unhinged Justin Trudeau Says Those Who Oppose Him are Nazis

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau is a tyrant. On February 14, he enacted the Emergencies Act to crack down on freedom truckers and other protesters who he claims are “illegal.”

This narcissistic psychopath believes opposition to him should be illegal and he intends to make it so via enacting martial law.

This even includes giving the federal government power to freeze cryptocurrency and bank accounts of those who support the freedom truckers.

Despite being put in place on Monday, the act must be ratified by Canada’s lawmakers within one week to remain in effect.

Trudeau has a good chance of getting approval to continue the crackdown, but he is furious that conservatives and some others oppose him. Also, he’s worried they could cut his power trip short.

Trudeau Says Those Who Oppose Martial Law Are Nazis

During a debate about continuing martial law, Conservative Member of Parliament (the equivalent of a member of the House of Representatives) Melissa Lantsman said Trudeau has gone too far and abandoned democratic values.

Trudeau lashed out, saying Lantsman, who is Jewish, stands with those who wave “Nazi flags” and “Confederate flags.” The parliament dissolved into boos and jeers as people listened to Trudeau’s wild accusations and he was told to be quiet.

Trudeau claimed to just want to help Canadians get back to work and back to normal, despite his two years of pushing ineffective and illegal lockdowns.

He’s also made it illegal for unvaccinated Canadians to leave the country and said they should not be “tolerated” for “taking up space.”

Trudeau’s Hitlerian rhetoric has alarmed some observers, with others pointing out his own father and former Canadian leader Pierre Trudeau jokingly supported the Nazis during World War Two.

Trudeau’s cabinet member, Chrystia Freeland, is literally descended from a Nazi. In fact, Freeland’s grandfather Michael Chomiak actually served as head of a virulent anti-Jewish newspaper in Nazi-occupied Poland during the war.

Lantsman Responds

After Trudeau’s wild accusation, Lantsman demanded an apology. As a Jewish member of the Conservative party from the Thorn Hill neighborhood of Toronto, Lantsman has little patience for hate-filled accusations.

She said Trudeau should “think long and hard” about his false smears saying she’s a Nazi-lover. She called his statement “disgraceful” and said nobody in government should be recklessly throwing words around like this.

Trudeau refused to apologize and is focused on continuing his tight grip on power. Canadian SWAT teams and militarized police keep trying to arrest and intimidate truckers into submission.

As of now, conservatives and members of the French Canadian party Bloc Quebecois will be voting no on the dictatorial bill. Canada’s far-left socialist NDP and Trudeau’s fascist liberal party will both be voting in favor of martial law continuing.

Bottom Line

Martial law stands a very good chance of being instituted long-term in Canada. Justin Trudeau is a psychopathic tyrant.