Unaccompanied Minors at California Shelter Being Given Free Copy of Kamala Harris’ Book ‘Superheroes Are Everywhere’

Kamala Harris by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the clown world the Democrats are creating is real. 

Mask mandates, vaccine passports, gender pronouns, males competing in high school girls sports, drugs all over the streets, pro-abortion propaganda, empowering human traffickers along the Southern border…

But it’s important for all of us to realize that’s very real, very dangerous and only getting more ridiculous by the day. 

The latest example comes from our cackling Vice President Kamala Harris, whose kids book Superheroes Are Everywhere is being given to unaccompanied minor illegal immigrant kids at shelters. 


Kamala Harris_ by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Superheroes Are Everywhere

Despite the fact that Harris hasn’t yet visited the Southern border even though President Biden put her in charge of resolving the crisis, she’s had time to get her silly kids book handed out to unaccompanied minor kids stuck in Long Beach, California.

The books were noticed in welcome bags given to kids who are staying in the holding center in Long Beach in addition to some basic hygiene supplies. Superheroes Are Everywhere was published in 2018 and is meant for kids between 3 and 7. It is currently on sale at $11.85 on Amazon (reduced from the original price of $17.99).

The reason you haven’t heard about this kids picture book before is because…nobody cares. But now some lucky youngsters stuck far from home in the most traumatic experience of their lives get to look at some drawings of people in capes with English captions. The obvious underlying message is that Harris herself is the hero, since she’s currently the VP of the United States with very little qualifications. 

According to the White House they don’t know anything about these books being given out to kids, and it must be the local volunteers who are doing it. That’s possible, but it’s still very bizarre, possibly illegal and seems just a bit Big Brother-y to stuff bags for abandoned kids with your government executives irrelevant book. 

The Biden Administration are Liars

From Biden on down, the entire administration are liars. They are not transparent or honest in any way and constantly put the blame and doubt on others, including in this case on volunteers helping kids. 

As for actually taking the border crisis seriously? Not even close. Harris traveled to near the border recently but it was the northern border at New Hampshire. She just doesn’t seem to have time for kids lying all over the floor and human traffickers taking advantage of desperate illegals all along the border. 

It doesn’t matter who bought the books, Harris is getting profits from it. Plus they’re written in English so how is a Spanish-speaking kid supposed to understand them anyway?

As for the border? Harris is having a Zoom call with Guatemalan leader Alejandro Giammattei to talk about what’s going on and plans to visit this Summer. That definitely sounds like it’s a priority for her. 

“They will discuss working together to address immediate relief needs of the Guatemalan people as well as deepening cooperation on migration,” according to the White House. 

This makes perfect sense: Harris and the Democrats are focused on how to provide help to the Guatemalan people. Maybe they forgot or just plain don’t care that their job is to make life better for the American people. 

Kamala Harris is a failure and a joke who is using the vice presidency to build her resume for a 2024 run. It’s important not to write her off only as a joke, however, since she has a firm grasp of propaganda and leftist rhetoric that could take her all the way to the top.