UKRAINE: Stakes are High as Ukraine Advances

In April 1982, Margaret Thatcher stated, “Rejoice.”

Ukrainian flag flies once again

Over areas that Russia has been occupying for months, the Ukrainian flag is flying once more.

As their warriors rescue their villages, towns, and cities, Ukrainians can be seen crying with excitement, as seen in videos.

Ukrainians are relieved

When inquiring about whether the soldiers are “ours,” a woman then begins to cry with relief.

People in the West have long claimed people in the east of Ukraine fervently desire Russian authority. This has been proven false by the Ukrainian people.

In fact, Russian-speaking Ukrainians have been the target of the majority of Russian war crimes.

Vladimir Putin fears a democratic example may spread along his border. His fear is shared by “tankies” everywhere and in both directions.

The fact that Ukraine is still existing as a nation, let alone making tangible progress against Putin’s soldiers, is extraordinary. This has been made possible by two factors: the bravery and tenacity of the Ukrainian people, as well as American assistance.

It’s obvious a lot of Americans oppose this support. Examine the press and social media to get an idea. Examine the political landscape.

The New York Times article “The American Guided Rockets Assisting Ukraine Destroy Russian Forces” is noteworthy.

On February 24, Putin started his all-out assault. The state of the globe now would be very different if the current U.S. administration had been hostile to Ukraine.

The United States has been referred to as “the necessary nation” by a prior secretary of state. Many Americans regret or dislike this; there are some valid reasons for it, as well. In any case, it is true.

Among the most astounding aspects of the Ukraine discussion is those who support Ukraine’s efforts to protect itself from Russia’s annihilation war are frequently referred to as “warmongers.”

Even Orwell would become unsteady. In early August, Michael McFaul, a Russianist who functioned as our ambassador to Moscow, penned the following message:

“Those who are not suggesting Zelensky give Putin additional territory are the true peacemakers. They are the ones pressuring the West to quickly and generously provide the Ukrainian army with increasing and better weapons.”

“Putin will never enter negotiations if the battlefield is not at a standstill. The sooner Putin’s war is over, the quicker Ukraine’s army can stop Russia’s.”

A win for Ukraine and a loss for Russia would be huge victories for democracy. Many believe “might makes justice.”

Putin is viewed by them as a powerful, muscular man who is superior to the democratic whiners in the free world with their constitutions, systems of justice, and pathetically weak beer. This sad aspect of human nature should be known by the world at large.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.