Ukraine Fiercely Resisting Russian Invasion

Ukraine is proving much tougher than Russia expected. Since Russia invaded on February 24, the nation has responded with defiance.

Civilians are now taking up guns, including female politicians and grandmothers. Able-bodied men are streaming back in from Poland and other countries where they immigrated for work to fight.

The heroic spirit of the people isn’t willing to surrender, despite the huge manpower and assets of the Russian military.

Putin said Ukraine isn’t a real country in his speech about why he needed to invade. Now, everyone in the world can see it’s most definitely a real country and has a lot of heroes in it.

The defense of Snake Island by soldiers who died, instead of surrendering to a Russian warship brought the world to tears; now we’re hearing more stories of heroes who are sacrificing their life to stop Russia.

Marine Blows Himself Up to Stop Russian Advance

Ukrainian engineer and Marine Vitaly Volodymyrovych and his unit were fighting off a Russian advance at Henichesk bridge in the south of Ukraine’s Kherson. Russia was rapidly coming forward and fighting their way to crossing the bridge with their tanks.

Volodymyrovych was not ordered to do anything specific; it was his choice. He wanted to do what he could on the frontlines, and had gone to put explosives around the bridge so he could stop Russia.

The area is crucial because it links Crimea north into the rest of Ukraine.

Volodymyrovych was trying to wire up the bridge when he saw the tanks coming at him. There was no way he would have time to finish setting the charges and also get away safely.

He had to choose one: run away and be safe, or finish his job.

This hero chose the second option. He finished wiring the bridge, radioing in that he was going to blow the bridge, only seconds before there was a massive explosion taking him with it and completely blocking the Russian advance.

The tanks were forced to go a completely different way because the bridge was no longer there, which slowed their assault down significantly…and it’s all because of this hero.

No Cakewalk

Russia clearly expected a cakewalk in Ukraine. It disabled much of its air defense and blew up airfields and key sites in the initial attack, but that’s where the dominance stopped.

Despite its huge amounts of troops and equipment, Russia wasn’t prepared for the amount of resistance from the Ukrainian military and people.

Many Russian soldiers were even reportedly told they’d be welcomed as liberators. Clearly, Putin doesn’t only like lying to the world; he’s more than willing to lie to his own soldiers and lead them to their deaths.

Rest in Peace

It’s a tragic war; that much is certain, but heroes like Volodymyrovych are making Ukraine proud. Rest in peace, hero.