Ukraine Launches Blitz Counterattack on Russia

We are now almost a month into the war in Ukraine and it’s not going how Russia hoped. Russian leader Vladimir Putin was reportedly ready to sweep over the country in a blitz and quickly install a pro-Kremlin government in Kiev.

Though it didn’t work out that way. Instead, Ukrainians fought back fiercely against the Russian invasion. They also connected up with allies and took in huge shipments of weapons and equipment to aid in the fight.

Kiev remains in Ukrainian hands. Russia is now running out of willpower to win this war and achieve its objectives.

Negotiations between the two sides are going on. Russia is still looking to press its advantage and get more concessions. However, Ukraine plans to shift the balance of power with a counterattack.

Ukraine’s Counterattack

Ukraine can’t compete with Russian air superiority right now. This is why they’ve been begging NATO and the US to put in a no-fly zone. However, what they can do is score symbolic victories on the ground.

The way they’re doing this is by emphasizing Russia’s failure to take Kiev and now directly counterattacking Russian forces on the outskirts of Kiev. The Ukrainian forces are pushing their current momentum and trying to destroy what’s left of Russian morale.

At the moment, Ukrainian troops are counterattacking in villages like Irpin and Hostomel. Irpin is where American journalist Brent Renaud was recently killed and Fox News reportedly Benjamin Hall was severely injured.

Ukraine is also attacking near Mykolaiv and moving toward Kherson where Russia has control. This includes hitting Russian assets in Kherson, blowing up seven Russian helicopters, and destroying Russian jets near Odessa as well.

Russia desperately needs to capture Mykolaiv and keep it in order to launch their full invasion of Odessa, which they have been wanting to do. They also want to take Kiev badly. Both are looking increasingly out of sight.

Russia’s Nightmare

Over 10% of Russian troops are now casualties, with even cautious estimates showing at least 7,000 Russian soldiers have been killed.

That’s more than America lost in the entire Iraq War; Russia’s lost these fighters in just three weeks.

Ukraine’s counterattacks taking out equipment and more soldiers is an attempt to shift the momentum of the war so much that Putin is forced to agree to Ukrainian terms or just leave the field of battle altogether.

This war is not going well for Russia, no matter what Putin told cheering crowds yesterday in Moscow. This war is Russia’s nightmare and is quickly becoming their second Afghanistan.

The Bottom Line

Ukraine has done what nobody thought it could do.

They have taken out so many of Russia’s Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs) and infantry that it’s not even clear Russia can keep fighting in the coming weeks.

Russia is losing this war.