UK Gas Company Enforcers Caught Breaking Into Homes of Those With Late Energy Bills

The rising price of energy here in the United States is deeply concerning for everyone.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy was clear right from the start. With the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline and recent noise about banning gas stoves, the Biden-Harris regime is the most anti-energy administration in US history.

Russia’s war in Ukraine only added to the pain that families are feeling and the high energy costs. Having to choose between putting food on the table or heating your home is not a choice any family should have to make.

Whereas in the UK, we see an example of just how bad the energy crisis can get, with a British gas company recently busted for breaking into the homes of those who are late on their gas payments.

Disturbing Break-Ins By British Gas

Recent reports of British Gas breaking into the homes that are late paying energy bills shocked the UK and the world. Centrica is the head owner of British Gas and is run by CEO Chris O’Shea.

O’Shea said he was amazed to learn that his indebted customers had their homes raided by company employees to check the power meters.

According to reports, these raids were also not just to check: employees went into several houses and installed new meters.

This kind of bullying has left families in a situation of despair and wondering why the law doesn’t seem to apply to powerful utility companies like British Gas.

This is Hurting the Vulnerable

Not everybody who’s late on energy payments is just lazy or not working. There are many unique situations: some have parents in critical condition. There are children with disabilities, people with mobility difficulties, and more.

Yet, several company employees say they are excited to do their job of force-checking meters and forcing the installation of more accurate smart meters.

O’Shea claims to be saddened by the whole situation. According to him, people’s well-being should come first. You don’t want people to be vulnerable inside their homes in the most difficult period of the year, which is winter.

Therefore, Centrica stated it has the intention of suspending prepaid meters until after winter.

Financial Problems Getting Worse…

Many are already in financial difficulties by several increases in inflation and rising prices in areas, such as electricity. Now, many families will have to deal with cutting and increasing gas as well.

According to Ofgem,  the energy supervisor, it says the exchange of meters to new types leads to more efficient data and balances, and, in addition, should not be carried out if it finds that the customer is in a vulnerable case.

That is, vulnerable people should not be subjected to a new type of energy meter, because they are an atypical customers. The regulator suggests people who are experiencing some kind of difficulty seek to try to enter into a negotiation.

Ofgem says, in certain cases, it is possible to claim an emergency credit, depending on the vulnerable situation. In addition, there are several companies that can help people who need to solve a debt.

This is the case of Breathing Space, which offers the borrower up to 60 days to solve a debt.

Soon, the energy minister will meet with British Gas for the company to address this situation as well, but there’s no doubt this could be a very disturbing peek into America’s future…

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.