Two Migrants Drown Trying to Enter US Over the Rio Grande River

Texas National Guard observes Rio Grande River by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The scenes on this country’s southern border come out of a horror film.

Desperate trafficked children crying in crowded detention facilities with nowhere to sleep. Columns of migrants from Central America and Mexico seeking a better life in the US, called by the siren song of President Biden’s reckless promises of amnesty.

In the middle of an ongoing pandemic as America struggles with economic and health problems, the border is increasingly becoming a place of heartbreak and tragedy.

Now it has escalated even further in a tragic incident after a teenager and a woman drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande River.

Fortunately, there was one positive part of the story. A third teenager who was also drowning and being pulled under the strong current was rescued by a fisherman nearby who cast out his line and pulled him in.

Families meet through the border fence by bbcworldservice is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Tragic Deaths and a Dramatic Rescue

Jesus Vargas is the man who saved a drowning teen with his fishing line. He said he saw several people having trouble swimming and being sucked under the current and called out to US border patrol to assist.

When they didn’t react in time to get a boat out on the water and assist, Vargas cast his line and saved one of the drowning teens. Border patrol raced around to try to help and people jumped in to assist but it was too late.

Luckily, Vargas was able to save the one young teen who is alive but deeply traumatized by watching the young woman and other teen he was with die.

“He just put his little arm out and got the string and that’s the way I pulled him out, but the rest of them just drowned floating down the river. You feel sad for everybody because people are just staring at them drowning, it’s sad for everybody,” Vargas said, adding “everybody needs help. It doesn’t matter where they are. We are all the same.”

Border patrol says the migrants were trying to get away from them and get back into Mexico when they drowned. They believe the migrants were from Honduras.

“Agents witnessed several individuals exit a vehicle and attempt to swim across the Rio Grande river into Mexico. Several individuals were apprehended in the vehicle at encounter. Some of the individuals entered the river safely and made it to the Mexican riverbanks. One individual was rescued by a local fisherman and rendered first aid by agents,” border patrol said.

“Two individuals succumbed to the dangerous currents of the Rio Grande river and perished. The incident remains under investigation,” border patrol added.

Biden’s Border Crisis

The growing border crisis can’t be completely blamed on Biden. After all, it’s been going on for years. But there’s zero doubt that it’s become worse under him and because of the messages he’s sent with his amnesty executive orders and rhetoric.

The thing is that many migrants still believe their best chance is to come in illegally and apply for amnesty after, creating a dangerous lose-lose situation in which the President appears to wink and nod but the law still detains them if caught at the border itself.

Biden isn’t actually helping migrants at all, just virtue-signaling to his wine mom base and tempting migrants to make dangerous decisions.

“We need to have the proper protocols on where they [migrants] can come in and apply and do all that, instead of coming in through the river doing it the way they are,” explained Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar.

The Biden Administration continues to send mixed messages, stopping migrants at the border and detaining them while also stopping construction of the wall, expanding DACA and telling migrants they’re welcome to a better life in the US. It’s a horribly cruel nonsense policy.

Last month a small kid from Honduras died trying to cross the river at Eagle Pass in Texas and a 23-month-old Salvadoran girl drowned in the summer of 2019 after her dad tried to help her cross the water.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a March 10 statement that its agents had tracked 10,441 migrants trying to enter the country in February alone 12 US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a March 10 statement that its agents had tracked 10,441 migrants trying to enter the country in February alone