Two Black Women Assault Asian Store Owner Yelling Racist Slurs, Media Stays Silent

Stop Racism by zeevveez is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you believed what the mainstream media feeds you then you would think America is in the grip of a White supremacist onslaught. 

These people are apparently everywhere, and the media tells us their new target is Asian Americans. They also say that it’s Trump’s fault for correctly calling COVID-19 “Wuhan flu” and the “China flu.”

Apparently stating the geographic origin of a virus is now racist and means you are responsible if someone attacks someone else. Go figure. 

But even stupider is the fact that it’s just not true. 

In fact, the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes has been primarily fueled by a crime wave and Black American resentment of Asian Americans, especially those who have opened shops in urban Black neighborhoods. 

The latest example won’t be all over your TV screen, but it should be if the media actually cared about racism and not just about spreading hate towards White people. 

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Black Women Viciously Attack Asian Shop Owner in Houston, Hurling Racist Abuse

Shop owner Jung Kim runs a hairstyle shop in Houston. She’s an Asian American just trying to make it in the Land of the Free, but several women weren’t digging it. 

Two Black women recently came in and viciously assaulted Kim, shouting anti-Asian racist language at her and smashing her face as she was down on the ground. She had asked five Black customers to leave because they were wrecking her store and knocked over displays of wigs. 

That’s when the pair went psychotic, rampaging on Kim with racist abuse and breaking her nose so badly that she now needs surgery. 

The attack was specifically racist:

Kim’s son Sung Jun Lee said “they started saying something like some racial words like, ‘Asian people shouldn’t be in the black market.'”

Lee also said that the violent women accused his mom of “stealing their money” by operating in a Black neighborhood and called her “you little Asian girl” while savagely pounding her on the ground. 

“We never thought this would happen to us,” Lee said, adding that his mom is very traumatized by the attack. 

The suspects in the attack are Keaundra Young and Daquiesha Williams who now face assault charges. 

Perhaps it’s time for an ALM (Asian Lives Matter) movement. It can begin marching through Black neighborhoods and getting wall-to-wall coverage on CNN from breathless commentators who can barely stop themselves from applauding. 

That would be the day, wouldn’t it?

Let’s Break it Down

Let’s break it down. Even though most anti-Asian attacks are being done by Black Americans, that doesn’t mean we have a “Black supremacist” problem in the United States. 

Certainly some Black people are racist against Whites, Hispanics, Asians or even other various categories of Black people.

But blaming all Black people or broadcasting hate and demonization of Black people on the nightly news would be counterproductive, stupid and racist. 

That’s because adults understand that individuals are responsible for what they do, not groups. 

But demonizing entire groups is what the media does for White people every day, jumping to conclusions and blaming all Whites for the actions of one or two. The Middle Eastern shooter in Boulder, Colorado was recently blared out as “White supremacist” within minutes by liberal commentators, while the White Atlanta spa shooter was pegged as anti-Asian even though the only evidence so far is that he was a disturbed sex addict with guilt issues.

The media and liberal politicians are trying so hard to fit everything in an anti-White narrative that they’re causing racism to grow. They are worsening division in this country with their poisonous lies and deceit.

It’s time to move on.