Two Antifa Teachers Get Fired for Trying to Indoctrinate Students

Who are the most powerful people in the United States? Some people might answer VP Kamala Harris, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos.

However, a better answer would be that the most powerful people in the United States are those with the power to raise our next generations of kids. The parents, teachers, and entertainers who have the ability to influence and shape the minds of our children hold incredible power.

That’s why it’s so disturbing to find out that insane far-left extremists are being allowed to teach our children in public school and design pro-communist left-wing curricula. Luckily, sometimes there is good news. Today is one of those days, as two far-left California teachers who tried to brainwash their students are getting the boot.

Meet Kristin Pitzen and Gabriel Gipe

Kristin Pitzen is an Orange County high school teacher who bragged on TikTok about how her classroom had no US flag; so instead, she got students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag.

Pitzen said her goal is to get students to pledge allegiance “to the queers.” She’s now being removed from the classroom until a full investigation is done by the Newport Mesa Unified School District. I guess she can now pledge allegiance to her couch with her sorry butt.

Gabriel Gipe is a Sacramento teacher who’s also part of Antifa. He took his student to violent Antifa events and bragged about his mission being to turn his students into active Marxists.

Gipe was busted on tape by a Project Veritas reporter and investigated. He’s now been fired. I guess he can now go focus on being a Marxist at the homeless shelter.

Poetic Justice

Pitzen and Gipe have zero business teaching anyone’s kids, even the kids of liberals. Both of these people are unbalanced young adults with extremist political views. They belong with a psychiatrist – or better yet, at a military boot camp – where they can learn some real respect and have their ridiculous leftist beliefs challenged by reality.

For his part, Gipe was even marking student papers using stamps that had the images of Kim Jong-un, Josef Stalin, and other communist dictators. Maybe he would like a one-way ticket to North Korea? It’s the least his school district could do for him.

As for Pitzen, she believes that gay pride is the most important thing that anyone can learn about and support; meanwhile, American patriotism makes her “uncomfortable.”

So why doesn’t she buy a one-way ticket for Afghanistan and go truly embrace gay pride there? I’m sure gay Afghans could use a cheerleader and mentor more than gay folks here in America. We’re all waiting, Kristen!

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is that Pitzen and Gipe are far from alone. I’d go as far as to say they’re becoming commonplace at the head of our classrooms. These extremist lunatics cannot be in charge of teaching the next generation.

They all must be removed one by one and shown the exit door.