Twitter Has a New Chief Even More in Favor of Anti-Conservative Censorship

Twitter made headlines for its past censorship of conservatives, and many people blamed CEO Jack Dorsey. Numerous independents, libertarians, and conservatives headed for other platforms like Parler or opened accounts on other sites.

There’s no doubt Dorsey leans left, and the banning of President Trump was a slap in the face to all basic standards. Yet, the truth is this was all just a warm-up. Since news has broken that Dorsey is quitting, the new guy coming in turns out to be twice as bad.

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

The new CEO of Twitter is a diversity hire who was born in India, called Parag Agrawal. He’s made past racist statements, saying white folks and racists are the same things. He also shared comments about how “healthy” discussions must be kept on Twitter.

What he means by “healthy” is leftist. This arrogant, racist immigrant has been with Twitter since 2011. He became the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in 2017. Now, he’s stepping up like a male version of Kamala Harris to take the reins and lead Twitter even deeper into Soviet-style censorship.

According to Agrawal, our era has “changed” and we can’t get so worried about things like freedom of speech. Instead, we should think about which speech gets promoted, and which gets pushed back…basically, if you tweet things he doesn’t like, it will get banned or hidden.

Agrawal Hates Trump and Conservatives

Agrawal previously donated to the ACLU to help sue Trump and has a long history of actively persecuting conservatives. He pretends to care about not shutting down speech, but the reality is he’s just another standard-bearer for the radical left.

This guy is exactly the type who banned Trump and falsely accused him of inciting violence on Twitter. He doesn’t truly love America or care about the blood of patriots who paid for our First Amendment.

He just cares about living in his liberal immigrant bubble and getting pats on the back from other airheads in San Francisco gated communities.

The Bottom Line

Agrawal is just a pawn in the left’s game. The consequences, however, are far from a game. Using platforms like Twitter, the cultural Marxists want to encroach, limit, and control every aspect of American life.

They want to feed our Constitution into a shredder and destroy the very fabric of this country. Tyranny always starts slowly, building up over time, but once it reaches a critical mass, it can become too late to respond.

That’s why patriots need to pay attention fully and pay attention now: this country is no longer free. Companies like Twitter are not neutral platforms for speech; they are partisan minefields designed to ensnare and censor speech that is disliked by the regime.