Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Democrats of Being Racists

Tulsi Gabbard is a former presidential candidate and congresswoman who’s had enough of Democrats’ hate and lies. She recently called out her own party for its awful behavior and desire to divide and harm America.

Gabbard’s latest statements will be hard to hear for many on the left, because they’re not easygoing. She isn’t saying the left just needs to improve or do a few things better.

In fact, Gabbard’s latest comments are directly telling the Democrat Party to stop trafficking in hate and lies.

What Did Gabbard Say?

In a recent tweet, Gabbard said she had a message for other Democrats. Her message was simple: stop telling Americans their skin color means they have to be against each other.

Furthermore, Gabbard said she’s heard more than enough of terms like “dog whistle.” Democrats constantly say Republicans and conservatives are secretly racist pigs who hear “dog whistles” from their politicians and vote for them.

As Gabbard pointed out, “only dogs” listen when you blow a whistle for them. Democrats who use terms like this are referring to “millions” of our fellow citizens as dogs. Stop it!

She finished by pointing out Democrats’ “open border” system is horrible for our nation and we should all be kind to one another because we’re “God’s children.”

It’s all so true. Now, if Gabbard could just leave the Democrat Party and go back to being pro-life like she once was, there might be something we could really start agreeing on.

Gabbard Trashes Democrats for Their Lies and Division

The truth is Gabbard has been coming out against the Democrats more and more in recent weeks. She absolutely shredded Biden on his horrible betrayal in Afghanistan and botched pullout from the warzone.

Even more recently, Gabbard actually called Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia a “victory” for our country because it gets rid of people who don’t respect parents and want to race-bait us all.

According to Gabbard, Youngkin’s win in Virginia is a plus for all of us because at least he isn’t trying to intentionally sow hate and division.

As we saw with the leftist Lincoln Project trying to plant fake white supremacists at a Youngkin rally (and Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s attempts to tell parents they have no right to protect their children from hate-filled propaganda), today’s left is just plain horrible.

Why is Gabbard Coming Out More and More Against the Democrats?

Gabbard is a veteran who doesn’t back down from her beliefs. Why she’s choosing now to come out against her party so strongly could be strategic or just her genuine reaction.

One thing that’s for sure is Gabbard doesn’t appreciate the way her own party lied about her and threw her under the bus during the last election. She certainly knows they are no friends of hers or any other Americans.