Tucker Carlson Slams Biden Regime for Breaking the Law on Evictions

As I wrote recently, seven million Americans are in danger of being evicted. The eviction moratorium ended on July 31 and now we are in a gray zone. However, instead of obeying the law, the Biden regime moved in at the last moment to extend the moratorium illegally and wait to see what a new court ruling decides.

This sounds good on the surface: keep people from being homeless. Yet, the problem when landlords don’t get paid for their property is simple: you move towards the end of private property and the American system.

Tucker Carlson recently took this issue head-on on his show.

Why Extending the Eviction Moratorium Could Be Dangerous

The eviction moratorium was extended by CDC director Rochelle Walensky. As Tucker notes, this “unelected” woman is now apparently in charge of our country. What she has done, essentially, is “nationalize” this country’s rentals.

There is no ability to evict someone under the new emergency CDC extension; therefore, there’s no real reason to pay rent anymore, apart from your personal ethics. As Tucker notes, however, property owners will still have to shell out money to the banks for the property they own or have a mortgage on.

The result is obvious: property owners will be destroyed, just like they were in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Property owners of small rental units and similar places are largely in our middle class, which is rapidly shrinking under the onslaught of illegal immigrants, COVID lockdowns, and rulings like this.

Just as the communists destroyed the land-owning kulaks, the Biden regime wants to eliminate the middle class backbone of society by pretending to care about the poor. What appears to be compassion is actually an extremely dangerous precedent: this country is now on a truly dark path.

‘It’s Totalitarian’

As Tucker said about this new policy, “it’s totalitarian.” Walensky shouldn’t even be able to just cancel rent like this and overturn private property rights in America. In fact, as far as we know, she’s not allowed to.

The Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) ruled that the CDC doesn’t legally have the power to extend the eviction moratorium, only Congress does. Congress hasn’t been able to, which is why Biden was previously saying he couldn’t do anything about it.

Yet, now we are supposed to be OK with an unelected bureaucrat cancelling private property rights? What’s even more bizarre is that the pro-China CDC is a big part of why we ended up in this pandemic in the first place and why small businesses and the economy shut down.

These communists are despicable.

Biden knows this is against the law as well, according to Tucker. Yet, his regime went ahead and signed off on it anyway, waiting for a legal challenge to go through the courts in the meantime.

In other words, break the law now, say sorry for it later once the whole system collapses. Vladimir Lenin would be proud.