Tucker Carlson Schools Wokeists Rejoicing at Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing

Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson, in a monologue, destroyed the numerous woke leftists who have been jubilant over the passing of the UK’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Lackeys Seize the Queen’s Death Day

After 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday, social media got flooded by outbursts of joy and offensive writings on part of woke people.

Besides letting the free world know how eager they are to “dance” on the late queen’s grave, the propagandist cohort tried to portray her as an evil, blood-sucking colonialist monster.

Never mind that Queen Elizabeth II has been pro-democracy. She has presided over the quite bloodless, democratizing, and modernizing dissolution of the former British Colonial Empire.

Of course, in-depth and objective knowledge of history has never been a distinguishing trait of Marxist-Communist lackeys. They are eager to bleed out and destroy the free world of western civilization, replacing it with an anti-utopian, far-left, totalitarian dictatorship.

Speaking Loud and Clear to Celebrate Heritage of the British Empire

As a number of woke leftists sounded off against the late queen via social media, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson stepped up in order to crush the Soviet propaganda cliches they employed.

He decided to teach them some real history, rather than the tenets and talking points they have been parroting. Carlson correctly noted the British Empire’s history contains a lot to be proud of. It was, in fact, the most “benign” empire the world has known.

The conservative journalist stated while the former empire of what’s now the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was “not perfect,” it was much more humane than any other empire that ever existed.

Carlson did not hesitate to declare the British Empire was indeed “an impressive place” that was “run by impressive people.” He even predicted while there seem to be many “empires going forward” today, there is never going to be another one as “benign” as how Britain was.

The Fox News anchor said the communists have taken to attacking Queen Elizabeth II upon her death because they are “jealous” that her era was tangibly better than today’s.

He stressed that people insulting her are seeking to discredit the entire period in which she lived by slandering her as a ruler.

Carlson praised the heritage of the British Empire, including the spreading of Protestant Christianity around the globe. Later, he marveled at the fact that an island the size of the state of Alabama in the North Atlantic got to practically dominate the world.

In the 1900s, the British Empire ruled some 25% of the global land surface. Back in 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II first ascended to the throne, London was the capital of more than 70 territories overseas.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.