Tucker Carlson Reveals Details of Why He Was Spied On

Juet last week Tucker, Tucker Carlson told viewers the government had spied on him through the NSA.

Liberals laughed and called him a crazy person. 

Now, extensive evidence is emerging that Tucker was indeed spied on by the NSA; evidence also shows that most likely, the NSA also leaked Tucker’s emails to the press. 

Tucker was trying to set up an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin,which is the supposed justification for him being spied on. 

Now, the contents of Tucker’s emails to get the interview have been seen by some media outlets. 

What’s in Tucker’s Emails?

The emails that were monitored by the NSA had nothing bad in them at all, according to Carlson. They were just attempts to reach out to people connected to the Kremlin to set up an interview with Putin. 

Tucker has said he’s not “embarrassed” or upset at all about trying to reach out to get time talking to Putin, since such an event would be “newsworthy.”

The reason he didn’t preview that he was setting up an interview, according to Tucker, was that he knew it would set off a firestorm in the US media and political establishment; it could also cause the Russians to be “less likely” to go through with the interview. 

Speaking sarcastically about the US establishment and its portrayal of Putin, Tucker pointed out that lots of what Putin does like (such as spying on his own people, lying to them and punishing whistleblowers) is already being done by the Biden administration. 

Hell, they did it to Tucker! 

Target Number One: Tucker

Even though the NSA put out a statement previously saying Tucker is not the “target” of any operation, it’s clear that he’s the target of the Biden administration. 

He’s insulted them many times, pointing out Biden isn’t really in charge and that they’re incompetent. 

Now, after denying that he was spied on and being gaslighted by the dishonest and traitorous liberal media, the script has already switched. 

Now it is: “fine, he was being spied on, so what? He deserved it!”

These liberals are something else, truly. 

The Bottom Line

As Tucker said, the NSA is a very large and powerful organization that’s been “heavily politicized.”

They’re overrun by leftists and pro-Biden spooks that have him in their sights. 

This is the kind of thing that happens in banana republics and dictatorships. To think that it happens now in modern-day America is frightening. 

The real point here isn’t even to defend Tucker Carlson, justify his desire to interview Putin, or any of it. 

The point is that we’re now under an anti-American regime that spies on its own citizens who don’t follow all their beliefs. 

We’re approaching a system similar to the USSR.