Tucker Carlson Gets Blindsided in Public by Crazed Liberal

When he’s not busy on the news, Tucker Carlson loves to go fly fishing. He was recently shopping at a fly fishing store in the small town of Livingston, Montana about half an hour west of Bozeman when something unexpected happened. 

A local fly fishing tour guide called Dan Bailey saw Tucker browsing and decided to give him an earful, getting in his face and telling him he is the “worst human being” on the planet. I guess Bailey is not a fan. 

The Shop Reacts

The shop said they treat all customers equally and don’t support what the angry guy did by getting in Carlson’s face. In the video, you can see Tucker not believing what he’s hearing as this liberal lunatic blames him for everything in the world. 

At the end, Tucker calls him “son,” and tells the man to stop being so worked up, which angers the man. According to Bailey’s post later, Tucker is responsible for thousands of deaths, due to his “vaccine misinformation” and is also a believer in “extreme racism.” 

Bailey claims Tucker is a “fascist” whose ideas divide America. 

The Truth About Tucker

In fact, Tucker was one of the first ones who urged President Trump to take strong action on COVID. He’s repeatedly told people they should get vaccinated, if they choose to, and only pointed out facts about what we don’t know about the vaccines. 

He’s clearly not racist and has never focused on race, except in pointing out how the left uses racism to divide people. The idea he’s a fascist is also incredibly stupid.

All Tucker has said this whole time is that people should have freedom and not allow leftist mobs to burn down their cities and control their thoughts and speech. This liberal lunatic is completely brainwashed and wrong about Tucker, but then again, he’s probably never even watched a single episode. 

Bait Shop Beta Male Gets Served

The part of the encounter which got filmed makes it hard to hear everything; however, it’s clear that Tucker responded with class and left this lib without the angry reaction he was hoping for. 

He was obviously hoping Tucker would make a scene or embarrass himself, but the only person who did that is this bait shop beta male himself. It’s sad to think that there are people even in small towns like this in Montana whose minds have been infected by our liberal media. 

They see Tucker as part of the problem without realizing he’s one of the very few patriots fighting for a solution. No wonder Tucker called him “son” when he walked away.

This man doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What are you supposed to tell someone when they’re so ignorant they actually believe every lie from our traitorous liberal media? 

The only real answer is to do what Tucker did and walk away.