Tucker Carlson Crushes the Official Story on the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

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Tucker Carlson is one of the smartest conservatives alive today, and he proves it every night on his show.

The best thing about Tucker, however, is that he’s not just smart: he also has guts. 

He asks the questions others shy away from, demands answers and accountability from those in power. He also doesn’t mince words when it comes time to tell the truth about what’s going on in this country. 

One of the biggest breakthroughs has been Tucker’s exposure on the dangers of the vaccine and how we should be cautious. 

His latest top rated segment is about the Jan. 6 Capitol riots that the Democrats are so obsessed with. 

United States Capitol Police officers stand guard near the commemorative plaque for Detective John Gibson and Private First Class Jacob Chestnut by SpeakerBoehner is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

A Spontaneous Riot?

As Tucker is suggesting, there’s the possibility that the unindicted co-conspirators listed in the charges from Jan. 6 were FBI infiltrators. 

There is the possibility that this fake “insurrection” was organized and led by FBI cutouts, ginning people up and getting the scenario to frame Trump supporters as violent thugs and traitors. 

In other words, this may be a false flag to hurt conservatives. 

Could Tucker be right?

Experts are saying Tucker is off his rocker; they’re also saying that those listed in the charging documents couldn’t be with the government, since it can only include actual criminals who had a criminal intent. 

It’s possible the unindicted co-conspirators are people who took part in the Capitol incursion and later decided to cooperate with the FBI then got clemency in return. 

If you work with the federal authorities, you tend to get shielded from indictment. 

According to the FBI, they’ve already been looking into 500 potential suspects who took part in Jan. 6 rioting; they have “hundreds” more individuals that are also of interest. 

Still, by this point we’ve already seen how the media lied about COVID, lied about the riots including how officer Brian Sicknick died and much more. 

There is no reason to believe them about this or the technicalities of the legal issues. 

After all, Tucker is just asking questions: even if he’s not correct, there’s still much more validity to the kind of questions he’s asking than the four years of fake news lies about Trump and “Russia collusion.”

We need journalists like Tucker Carlson who are willing to stir things up and ask questions other people won’t ask. It’s an open secret that many right wing and patriot groups are infiltrated by the FBI and informants; therefore, the idea that they guided or helped them move along the lines to planning an actual entry of the Capitol is far from far-fetched. 

Conservatives need to stand up for Tucker. He has a right to ask questions.