Tucker Carlson Calls Out FBI for Its Role in January 6 Riots

Tucker Carlson is the left’s worst nightmare. Every night on his show, he asks exactly the questions they hope will go away.

Since the Democrats are so obsessed with the events of January 6, 2021 and blaming Trump supporters for the violence that occurred that day, Carlson started digging into what actually did happen.

More specifically, he wants to know why the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) won’t talk at all about whether they were involved in inciting violence on that day.

Questions Need to Be Answered

Questions need to be answered before we let the left’s narrative on January 6 take over completely and be written down in the history books.

For one thing, who exactly is Ray Epps and why did he disappear from interest after months of being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list?

As Carlson observed, Epps was crucial in letting protesters into the Capitol and basically directing what happened on that day. If he was an informant working for the government, then we deserve to know. It makes a big difference.

The FBI put out a statement saying Epps wasn’t working for them or any “law enforcement agency.” As Carlson says, what about a statement promising he wasn’t working for any government agency altogether?

More broadly, Carlson asked why the FBI and DOJ won’t say whether they had informants on January 6, whether these agents or informants helped incite violence on that day, and whether any of these agents or informants actively committed violence on that day.

The FBI representative during Capitol Hill hearings claimed to be “unable” to answer the question and said she was “sure” questioner Ted Cruz “appreciated” her position.

This is Looking Bad

Something smells very fishy with the FBI and government’s role in January 6. The January 6 committee has been going after everyone who took a selfie, but suddenly lost interest in one of the main people – Epps – who they’d been looking for for months.

They are trying to use the events of January 6 to paint all MAGA conservatives as “insurrectionists” and to justify not even giving a fair trial to detainees currently rotting in jail for alleged crimes.

These people at the protest didn’t even have a day in court yet, but are being treated like criminals. Our prison system is literally breaking the law. Innocent until proven guilty, remember?

That’s why it was disappointing to see Cruz previously call the events of January 6 a “terrorist attack.” Although he is doing good work, such as in his recent questioning of the FBI, we can’t have people like Cruz falling into the propaganda of government, which will be used to take away our rights.

He recently apologized for it on Tucker Carlson’s show as well, but let’s be clear: there’s still a lot more to find out about January 6. It’s looking more and more like our government was deeply involved in an inside job.