Trump Was Right About COVID Cure

President Trump meets with Patients who have Recovered from COVID-19 by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

“Trump was right.”

How many times have you heard this since President Trump left office?

Get ready to hear it again, because Trump was right again. This time he was right in his support of hydroxychloroquine, a generic drug many people said was very effective in preventing and treating COVID. 

The liberal media and medical establishment (at the CDC from Dr. Tony Fauci on down) mocked and slandered Trump, saying he was a liar, a fraud, and that hydroxychloroquine was useless.

They were wrong. He was right. 

Also, considering how many people have died from COVID and COVID-related illnesses, at this point, the media and medical establishment need to have their damn faces rubbed into the fact that they were wrong, wrong, wrong. 

The worse possibility is they knew hydroxychloroquine was legitimate but downplayed it to let COVID get worse and sink Trump; this would make them full-on murderers.

President Trump meets with Patients who have Recovered from COVID-19 by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

New Study Proves Hydroxychloroquine Works

When Trump was in office, studies were already showing that hydroxychloroquine was effective.

Now, yet another study – this one out of the prestigious Saint Barnabas Medical Center – shows that hydroxychloroquine combined with Zithromax antibiotic kills COVID rapidly and increases survival chances in 87% of people with COVID. For those who are seriously ill with COVID and on a ventilator, this drug cocktail boosts their survival chances by 200%.

I’ll repeat that again: hydroxychloroquine doesn’t just “kind of” work; it boosts survival by hundreds of percent. 

We had to hear how it’s bogus and Trump’s an idiot for over a year?

For months, the fraud Fauci said it’s useless. Fauci then pushed these dangerous vaccines, supported by the traitorous media, when they had a far more effective, cheap, and available solution right in front of them. 

These people are truly sick. 

What is Hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is a drug used to fight malaria, but people found out early in the pandemic that it helps treat and prevent COVID.

These findings were mocked, discredited, and covered up by the medical community and many governments. This happened even while they claimed to be so upset about people dying from COVID – enough to shut down the entire economy and international travel. 

While Trump was saying hydroxychloroquine works already by last summer, vaccine giants like Pfizer and Moderna were in phase three of their vaccine testing; everyone, therefore, lined up to say hydroxychloroquine didn’t matter at the time. 

The FDA even warned against using it – even though it’s perfectly safe. 

Enough is enough. We have been lied to repeatedly during this pandemic and disrespected to the utmost degree.

There should be no more credibility for people like Fauci or bureaucrats who claim to care about us.