Trump Wanted NBC Reporter Off of His Plane

After his sizable rally in Texas back in March, former President Trump expelled NBC journalist Vaughn Hillyard from his aircraft.

Trump Unhappy With Reporter

The protest was staged following the latest legal action against the former president, in which New York City DA Alvin Bragg accused Trump of more than 30 felonies.

In March, thousands of people showed up to meet President Trump in Waco, Texas. Hillyard from NBC questioned Trump over the pointless lawsuit Bragg brought against him.

Hillyard was told by Trump that he heard Hillyard was a nice individual from NBC, but, in fact, he is not after all.

In response to a question on the criminal investigation by Manhattan DA Alvin Brag during an unofficial press gathering, former President Trump allegedly snatched the NBC journalist’s cell phone.

Then, Trump insisted the reporter be taken off the airplane, based on recently discovered recordings.

The argumentative discussion, which was first made public by Vanity Fair, took place on March 25 in Waco, Texas, after Trump’s campaign speech.

NBC News journalist Vaughn Hillyard made the comment that the leading Republican candidate for 2024 appeared “frustrated” by Bragg’s probe, while he was interacting with an audience of journalists onboard his jet.

Trump appeared to be upset by the query because he urged the journalist not to pose “any more questions.”

In response, Trump said, based on an audio recording that the Washington Post was able to get, that he is not bothered by anything, he just finished a two-hour speech. He doesn’t find it annoying.

Trump said this investigation is a hoax. Nothing he did was wrong. In fact, the reverse is true. NBC is among the worst sources of fake news when it comes to this. “Stop asking me questions, please,” Trump commanded.

Reporter Didn’t Let It Go

Hillyard allegedly attempted to ask Trump another query regarding Bragg’s inquiry after over 30 minutes passed.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.