Trump Tells the Brutal Truth About the Border Crisis

On Saturday night, Trump gave a barnburner speech in the small town of Perry, Georgia. Perry is about an hour-and-a-half south of Atlanta; it’s also full of MAGA folks who love our former president and want to help him bring back America’s greatness.

The large crowd gathered to hear what 45 had to say and they were not disappointed. Trump was in high-energy mode and he pulled no punches, slamming the Biden regime for its betrayal of our nation and calling out the crisis on our southern border.

Trump Calls Border Crisis an ‘Invasion’

In his epic speech, Trump said what’s happening on the southern border is an “invasion” and America is becoming a giant “migrant camp.” Trump went further, saying he would never have let anything like this happen as president and Biden has taken America to “hell” just in his first year.

These may sound like harsh words, but none of us are interested in having sugar-coated leftist crap pushed down our throats. This is why people support Trump, because he doesn’t mess around with fake niceties…and because he’s right.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki says Republicans have been focusing too much on the border issues and they are over-dramatizing it. The truth, as Trump pointed out in his speech, is the exact opposite. This is a full-on emergency and it can’t be repeated enough.

Georgia Will Be Up for Grabs in 2022

One big emphasis of Trump’s speech was that Georgia is a battleground state in next year’s midterms. It’s turning increasingly purple, thanks to Democrat propaganda infesting the cities and spreading through various communities in the state.

As for whether or not he will run, Trump said he’s still keeping that under wraps for now, but he’s definitely considering it. He asked for Georgia’s help to get the Democrats out of Congress and he also brought up controversy over the 2020 election results.

Trump says he’ll never admit he was wrong until he sees final proof that fraud wasn’t going on.

Bashing Biden’s Big Failures

Trump also went after many other failed Biden policies, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump left 13 seats empty to honor our 13 brave troops who were killed in late August at the Kabul airport while covering for Biden’s botched pullout.

Trump called Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley a complete “idiot” and said Milley told him they should just leave the military equipment in Afghanistan once they left. Milley was so “stupid” he couldn’t even do basic math, Trump said.

Trump also emphasized that the horror show in Afghanistan never would have happened if he was in charge. Also, Trump had a plan to pull out properly with severe consequences if the Taliban broke the deal.

Trump then slammed Biden for not holding China responsible for COVID and for his low polls. This was definitely Trump in top form and the crowd was loving it. Can we have him back now?