Trump Supporters from Jan. 6 Beaten, Abused in Jail

According to the Democrats and their liberal media partners, the Jan. 6 riots at our Capitol were equal to 9/11. They can’t stop talking about it, wither. When conservative TV host Tucker Carlson started asking questions about how many FBI informants were in the crowd, they got the NSA to spy on him and try to publicly humiliate him. 

Tucker got out ahead of it and embarrassed them instead. However, one part of Jan. 6 many people are forgetting about is those who were arrested.

Many are sitting in jail; furthermore, reports are now emerging of extremely bad treatment including beatings, long periods of isolation, and more mistreatment including illegally not being allowed to see their lawyers. 

Life Under the Biden Regime

The Biden regime has made it clear how they see conservatives. Remember former CIA Director John Brennan and his claim that “laser-like focus” was going to be used by the whole intelligence community to track down everyone who participated in Jan. 6 and entered the Capitol?

They never did anything close to that for Black Lives Matter (BLM) members who burned down cities, but for conservatives? Absolutely. Now some of those waiting in jail relating to Jan. 6 are being treated like dirt and denied Constitutional rights. 

One prime example is Dominic Pezzola, a 43-year-old man who served honorably in our military but entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. He’s now been in jail in D.C. for over five months; Pezzola’s also been denied evidence that could clear him of his charges or let him understand the prosecution’s evidence. 

Translation: this patriotic veteran is being railroaded into a conviction because he allegedly chatted about bringing guns and explosives to DC. 

Lawyers Say They’re Denied Access to Clients

Pezzola’s lawyers say they aren’t being properly allowed to talk to their client; they also report being monitored and surveilled by guards. They say this violates attorney-client privilege rules. 

The D.C. jail has already treated Pezzola like garbage, clearly for political reasons, sending him to isolation many times for no reason, including for two weeks. Extended isolation is widely regarded as a form of torture and can be psychologically devastating. 

According to Pezzola’s lawyers, his human rights are being trashed “on a daily basis.” Many of the people in prison on Jan. 6 charges don’t get to shower properly, aren’t allowed to cut their hair, are denied the right to religious services, and are not fed properly. 

This is America in 2021 under the Biden regime? Dear Lord. The Taliban would get better treatment. I guess liberals are just too traumatized by Jan. 6, even though everyone who died on that day, and after, was a Trump supporter.

This includes Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who passed two days later of natural causes, despite the media lying and saying he was killed by MAGA rioters with a fire extinguisher. 

MTG Steps Up

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has written to the DC police about this issue. Greene notes that “domestic terrorists” with BLM and Antifa get treated much better than these Trump supporters. 

She’s right and it’s wrong. Pezzola deserves bail and there’s no indication he’d try to run; however, in Biden’s America, that’s unlikely to happen.