Trump Slams Biden Administration at Florida Rally

Former President Trump held a rally this Independence Day weekend where he gave the Biden administration the butt-kicking it deserves. 

In a speech in Sarasota, Florida, Trump talked about the need to “defend our liberty” from the anti-American hatred of the “radical left.”

Our favorite POTUS didn’t pull any punches. 

He explained the situation we currently face with no sugar-coating…and what he said was true. 

‘An All-Out Assault’

As Trump said, Biden and his cronies are part of “an all-out assault” on everything that America stands for and our way of life. 

Two examples Trump pointed to are the spiking crime rates in Democrat cities and their awful crisis at the Southern border. 

Then, there’s the education system, where kids are being taught critical race theory and transgenderism from sick individuals who want to break their minds. 

As Trump showed at this rally, and the previous one in Ohio, he is very much back in business; Trump is ready to support Republicans running in next year’s midterms. 

He’s also ready to comment on politics and show these establishment hacks exactly as much support and wellbeing as they showed him when he won the presidency: zero. 

This is exactly what they all deserve. 

Standing up for America

In his speech Trump did something that the Democrats seem unable to imagine:

He stood up for America. 

He also talked about the need to support our brave police and to let them know that the American people respect and love them. 

There’s a reason cops are quitting blue state cities and leaving, but not in most red states: it’s because they know conservatives understand the vast majority of law enforcement are good, honest folks who are not racist or violent. 

When it comes to the insurrection on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol, Trump brought up a point that the liberal media would love to bury along with her body:

Who exactly killed Ashli Babbitt and why? 

There’s no way around it. We’re dealing with an opponent which has brought down other nations and cannot be compromised with. The modern Democrat party is evil. 

There’s just no other way to say it. 

That does not mean all supporters of it or your Democrat friends or family are evil. It simply means the party – at its roots and in its actions – is malicious, harmful, and dangerous. 

As Trump said, coming up in next year’s midterms we need to put a Republican team in Congress; we also need to retake control, so that Biden’s “extreme agenda” can be defunded. 

Trump also criticized Senator Mitch McConnell and weak establishment Republicans who would love to kiss up to the Democrats if they could get away with it. 

Those folks are not our friends, not even close. 

It’s only by electing conservatives who put America First that we can truly start rebuilding this nation’s greatness away from the mistakes and corruption of the past.