Trump Responds to Paul Pelosi Attack

In the early hours of this past Friday morning, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was attacked at home by a hammer-wielding man. The male attacker demanded to know where Nancy was and was reportedly deep into conspiracies about the US government.

Paul was ultimately able to dial 911 from the bathroom. He was then taken to the hospital and treated for skull fractures.

Paul’s alleged attacker David DePape, 42, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, elder abuse, and numerous other charges. Now, former President Trump is speaking out about what happened and making some very good points.

What Did Trump Say?

Trump said the attack on Pelosi was “terrible” and is an example of how badly America is going downhill. There’s no doubt the attack was horrible. A man lunging at you with a hammer when you’re 82 years old is the stuff of nightmares.

As Trump said, this is part of the problem with “Democrat-run” places like San Francisco. Criminals and mentally ill psychopaths roam freely in their streets wreaking havoc and causing all sorts of trouble.

The few that actually get locked up end up out on low or cashless bail all too often and are able to terrorize people once again.

Trump pointed out that some cities like Chicago and areas of San Francisco have become “far worse” than big areas of the Middle East.

It’s not a mistake that Chicago is sometimes nicknamed “Chiraq.” The place has entire neighborhoods which are warzones and dozens of murders every weekend. As for home break-ins, assaults, drug charges, rape, and petty crime? The numbers are off the charts.

Here’s the scary and humiliating truth: Paul Pelosi is a victim of the criminal-coddling, disgusting Democrat-run system that’s partly run by his own wife.

Right Wing Extremism?

The mainstream media painted DePape as some kind of right-wing extremist, claiming he was a big Trump supporter and believed the 2020 election was stolen.

What’s not been mentioned nearly as often is DePape was a far-left nudism activist with a history of mental illness, sexual abuse accusations against him, and support for communism.

Does that sound much like many Trump supporters you know? This guy was unfortunately the example of the kind of mentally ill individuals who are becoming far too common in society and end up being used as patsies to blame entire groups of people.

DePape is clearly an unwell man. The fact he latched onto some theories that intersect with elements of the far right does not make him far right. The guy is absolutely not the kind of patriot who supports Trump or cares about America.

He’s a loser looking for a cause that represents the Democratic decline in America. As Trump said in his interview where he sounded off on Paul’s attack, Democrats are “crazy” for letting criminals and violent mentally ill people out on the streets.

The Scary Truth

Far-left regimes have long used criminals and unwell people to cause chaos and destabilize societies from the bottom up before taking absolute power.

It’s getting harder and harder to see the Democratic embrace of criminals as anything other than intentional.