Trump Rape Accuser Seems Cuckoo – and Surreal Video Proves It

Е. Jean Carroll – the 79-year-old who claimed she was raped in a department store by former President Trump – seems to be honestly deranged.

This is evidenced by a 2017 YouTube video showing her interviewed in her scary-looking home in the woods where she lives all by herself.

Rape Accuser

Former President Trump, last week, was found liable of sexual misconduct and defamation in Carroll’s lawsuit against him – and sentenced to pay her a $5 million compensation.

Nevertheless, the nine-member NYC jury didn’t buy Carroll’s story that Trump raped her in the fitting room of a Manhattan department store sometime in the 1990s.

The plaintiff shyly tried to hide the fact that her legal expenses have been covered by far-left Democratic billionaire donor Reid Hoffman.

The reaction of Trump that he doesn’t even know who she is can certainly be believed, as she seems to have come up with her rape story in 2019.

The fact that E. Jean Carroll seems like a deranged individual is confirmed precisely by a video posted on YouTube that she had with Elle Magazine in 2017.

A second report, an interview with Vanity Fair after she accused Trump of rape in 2019, paints a similar picture, the Gateway Pundit reports.

House, Mice, and Car with Human Names

The six-minute, 2017 video (full video here) shows Carroll in her house on a river island in the woods, where she claims to be living with mice that she named. She aptly named the home the “Mouse House,” a name she painted on the outside.

The video shows the Trump rape accuser painting rocks and trees blue, hanging out with a blue-dyed poodle. Although she apparently left her cat “Vagina T. Fireball” elsewhere, possibly to protect the lives of the mice she enjoys living with.

Carroll, in particular, declares she is extremely happy that she doesn’t have children. She also drives a Prius “named Miss Bingley.”

The 2017 video claims the Trump accuser was the longest-serving advice columnist in human history. She ran the Elle advice column from 1993 until 2019.

The two reports – especially the 2017 video – show something, somewhere went totally wrong in E. Jean Carroll’s life.