Trump Pushes For His Failed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate to Be “Installed”

In Arizona, handpicked Trump candidate Kari Lake did not win the state’s race for governor. While Lake ran a hard-fought campaign, she wound up losing the election to Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs by just under 20,000 votes.

Despite Hobbs moving forward as Arizona’s governor-elect, Lake has yet to concede or accept her loss. In fact, Lake’s filed various lawsuits that allege the elected was botched and stolen.

The Arizona Republican’s election loss is part of a larger pattern. Most of Trump’s handpicked candidates handily lost their races in various states’ general elections.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped Trump from now demanding for Lake to be “installed” as governor of Arizona, as reported by Newsmax.

A Widely Criticized Demand

It goes without saying that a losing candidate cannot be “installed” into a public office position.

However, Trump claimed via Truth Social that due to certain issues with voting machines in Maricopa County, Lake ought to be “installed,” despite Hobbs winning the election.

Despite issues in Maricopa County, no one in this community or anywhere else in Arizona was prevented from voting. Furthermore, Arizona counties have already voted to certify this election in favor of Hobbs.

After demanding the “installation” of his failed candidate, Trump repeated false claims of the 2020 presidential election being “fradulent.”

A Peaceful Transfer of Power

Despite the rhetoric coming from Trump and Lake these days, it’s not stopping things from moving ahead in Arizona.

Hobbs has already met with outgoing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to discuss a peaceful power transfer. Ducey also acknowledged and congratulated Hobbs on her win, notwithstanding Lake refusing to formally concede.

While Hobbs has been publicly silent about calls for Lake to be “installed” as Arizona governor, supporters of the Democrat are much more vocal.

Many people who are happy about Hobbs winning have been ripping Lake and Trump on social media for refusing to respect the outcome of this election.

Lake’s war room team on Twitter recently started to suggest that Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election was ultimately certified under duress.

On her personal Twitter account, Lake is also sharing posts from users who allege the election was riddled with errors and fraud.

Trump’s demand for Lake to get “installed” as Arizona’s governor comes barely weeks after he announced he’s going to be running for president yet again.

Many Americans know the rhetoric coming from Lake and Trump will ultimately amount to nothing. The Arizona Republican’s refusal to concede her loss will ultimately not stop Hobbs from being sworn in as the state’s next governor.

What do you think about former President Trump demanding for Kari Lake to be “installed” as Arizona’s next governor? You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts about this in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.