Trump May Soon Be Back on Twitter

Many Trump supporters remember the feeling of a really sizzling Trump tweet. It made the liberals cry and it made America just that little bit better and greater. There was nothing as funny, direct, and impactful as a top-notch Trump tweet.

That’s why it was disappointing when Trump was booted off the platform and suspended, supposedly for using it to encourage the January 6 protesters and violence that occurred at the US Capitol.

The good news is this suspension may soon be lifted.

Trump Trying to Force Twitter to Let Him Back On

Trump is going through the process to force Twitter to let him back on. He’s asked a Florida judge to put through a court order against the San Francisco big tech company; Trump says their decision to suspend him was politically motivated and pressured by liberal politicians.

Trump was kicked off Twitter soon after the events of January 6. According to Twitter, Trump’s statements about election fraud were what encouraged some protesters to become aggressive and enter the Capitol on January 6.

In this appeal to the judge, Trump’s lawyers are arguing that Twitter is engaging in de facto censorship and silencing a US president unfairly, blaming him for actions that are not his fault.

At the time he was booted off Twitter, Trump had almost 100 million followers; he was very effectively using the platform to call out leftist lies and blunders. Joe Biden is a nightmare, and having Trump calling him out on Twitter would do the whole country a lot of good.

Will The Court Order Come Through?

Trump’s lawyers argue it’s absurd to boot Trump, but let the Taliban tweet. There’s no doubt Twitter has a double standard and they were pressured by Democrats and the mainstream media to take steps against Trump.

Trump’s already sued Twitter in July and it’s clear he’s not just going to let this go. Like every American, he has a right to be heard and make himself heard online. Twitter is not above the law and playing politics means they are becoming guilty of political collusion and electioneering.

They need to let him back on…either that or they need to stop claiming the rights under Section 230 of our communications law.

Twitter wants to be protected from lawsuits and other actions by claiming the protections of Section 230, but it doesn’t want to abide by the fairness that this requires. What a hot mess.

They not only should let Trump on, but they should also apologize and donate money to free speech organizations. This would show they are not going to continue down the path of censorship.

Whether the court order will work remains to be seen, but it certainly deserves to succeed.