Trump Losing Veteran Strategists For 2024 Election Campaign

Former aides of the Trump campaign are hesitant to support him in the 2024 presidential election.

Reportedly, more than a dozen officials from previous presidential campaigns of Trump are not ready to work with him for the next election. They are waiting for other Republicans to announce their candidacies.

Former Trump Staffers Leaving him En Masse

Over ten former Trump officials revealed to the Washington Examiner they are yet to decide whether to support Trump in his 2024 presidential run or not. Furthermore, some other pro-Trump campaign strategists declined to comment on Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Five senior officials of the previous Trump campaigns have categorically said they cannot be part of Trump’s 2024 White House run. While some are aiming for new careers, others are disowning Trump after the January 6 riots.

Ivanka Trump, who was at the forefront of his father’s previous presidential campaigns and worked as Trump’s adviser in the White House, also announced she would not work with her father in the 2024 campaign.

As per Ivanka, she loves her father, but she has to prioritize her private life and children; so she will not be available to campaign for her father.

Republican Donors Also Leaving Trump

Meanwhile, some veteran Republican donors are also withdrawing from Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. Three billionaires who supported Trump’s previous campaigns and have a combined worth of $85 billion said they would not donate to Trump’s next presidential run.

While lashing out at Trump, Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of a private equity firm, Blackstone, noted America needs new leaders who are more concerned about the present and future times instead of focusing on past events.

Schwarzman, who donated $200,000 to Trump’s campaign in 2020, further added he would be supporting a new face for the presidency this time.

Similarly, Thomas Peterffy, who is the founder of Interactive Brokers Group Inc, established he would ensure that Trump does not get elected to the White House again. Peterffy donated $250,000 to Trump’s campaign in the 2020 election.

In addition to that, the president of the World Jewish Center, Ronald Lauder, who donated $200,000 to Trump in 2020, noted he would not support Trump’s campaign this time.

According to a source close to Trump’s campaign, many people are waiting for more Republicans to announce their 2024 presidential election campaigns before revealing their intentions for the next presidential election.

Trump became the first prominent Republican to announce his 2024 presidential campaign. Other potential GOP candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence, are also expected to announce their presidential runs soon.

Campaign strategists need to align with any one candidate for an election cycle. If they bandwagon Trump’s campaign now, they will face difficulties switching their loyalties once other candidates announce their campaigns.

So, GOP strategists want other candidates to announce their ambitions before jumping into Trump’s campaign.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.