Trump Issues Big Demand to China – Are They Listening?

President Trump's Trip to Germany and the G20 Summit by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Imagine if any other country had done what China’s done.

Imagine if they’d unleashed a horrible virus on the world, killing millions, shutting down businesses, crashing economies, and backing governments into the corner.

Now, imagine if any other country did this and tried their best to cover it up by getting rid of people who spoke up; this way, the world would react too late and be unable to respond properly. 

Imagine that people like President Donald Trump (who shut down all entry from the origin country early in the pandemic) were attacked by the traitorous liberal media and called racist. 

You don’t have to imagine if all that had happened because it did. 

Yet, not a single person has held the Communist Party of China and its evil government responsible.

Until now. 

President Trump’s Trip to Asia by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Trump Issues Groundbreaking Demand to China

Former President Trump may not be in the Oval Office anymore, but his leadership instincts took over. In a statement with the heading “Save America,” Trump pulled no punches and let loose on communist China for what it’s done to the world. 

As Trump noted, he was correct about the lab leak theory and he was right to block China early on from entry into the US. 

This virus has killed millions of people. Even though 94% of deaths have been from COVID, in addition to another underlying or additional health problem, it’s clearly done huge damage and robbed many families of their loved ones.

An estimated 3.59 million Americans have died from COVID.

COVID has also cost a lot – an estimated $13 trillion for this country alone to handle it. 

This actually makes Trump’s demand that China pays both the United States and the rest of the world ten trillion dollars very reasonable. 

China would be getting off easy at only paying $10 trillion, considering the enormous devastation their lies and coverup caused. The least that these dirty communists could do is erase our $1 trillion debt to them; in fact, they should be forced to do by international financial arrangements and the pressure of our military. 

One More Thing…

While I have you here, there’s one more idea I’d like to float. 

The liberal media who acted in a concerted effort to falsely claim that the origins of COVID were conclusive (and that it came from a “wet market” in Wuhan) need to be held financially responsible as well. 

The panic and lies that the media has fed the American people about COVID and who is responsible need to be accounted for – financially. 

CNN, MSNBC, and all the other networks who repeated these lies as if they were certain should be sending every American a check for wasted time, psychological suffering, and for engaging in medical misinformation and malpractice. 

Do you agree?