Trump Insider Roger Stone Claims the Deep State Tried to Kill Him in a Drone Strike

Roger Stone by vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone is a fascinating man with a long political history. He’s been a key insider in Republican politics for decades now, part trickster figure, part savvy operative.

In recent years he’s embraced more of the conspiratorial side of politics, going on the Alex Jones Show and co-hosting it multiple times and expressing his belief that a Deep State of evil progressives are trying to destroy the United States and end humanity. 

A firestorm surrounded Stone over his trial in the Russia collusion hoax, in which he was sentenced to 40 months for lying to Congress under oath and threatening a witness in the trial.

President Trump pardoned Stone, but after that verdict Stone continued to become even more paranoid and outspoken in his opposition to the Deep State.

Stone has formerly claimed that he was poisoned by the federal government in an assassination attempt, and now he says that he was the victim of an attempted drone strike in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Roger Stone trial – 1st day by vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What Does Stone Say Happened?

Appearing with conservative radio show host Mancow Muller, Stone put up a video saying that the government had tried to kill him with a drone strike this week. 

“Roger Stone is here with me. We’re two doors down from his office. There was a drone strike in America two days ago. I’m telling you, this is incredible. Why is this not making major news? I’m in Fort Lauderdale,” Muller says, standing just outside an facility in Fort Lauderdale’s Oakland Park neighborhood that officially had a gas explosion last week. 

“This building is catty-corner from my office. There was an enormous explosion, which is as yet unexplained,” Stone says, adding that there’s “some speculation that it was a drone attack. The valiant fighters in the Broward County fire department got it under control. But it took 24 hours to do so.”

“Look at this. Crazy! Drone strike,” Muller says, indicating the wreckage of the building. 

According to firefighters the warehouse, which belonged to Barco Sales & Manufacturing – a foam furniture company – simply had a number of petroleum tanks blow up in a fire. 

“There were multiple liquid petroleum [propane] tanks exploding due to the heat. Even when I arrived, they were [still] exploding all around the street,” said Oakland Park Fire Chief Steven Krivjanik.

In addition, it did not take “24 hours” to contain the fire, just half-an hour. 

“The business was a manufacturer of commercial grade Styrofoam that is very flammable. There were some explosions that occurred with liquid petroleum tanks—gas tank—that were going off because of the fire,” Krivjanik explained.

It’s clear that Stone and Muller are showmen whose job is partly to exaggerate and draw the audience into their drama, but they definitely seem to really believe he was the intended victim of some funny business. 

The proof, however, mostly lies on the other side. And if the assassins are so smart and effective why hit a warehouse next door and not just do a precision strike right on Stone at his office?

The idea, in Stone and Muller’s argument, would be to hit a building next door to him so that it would look like an accident, although the death of Stone in such a “coincidence” would prompt massive conspiracy theories. 

How Are People Reacting to Stone’s Claims?

Although many are skeptical that Stone was actually targeted in a drone strike, others online clearly believe the narrative and say that he was probably the intended victim of a Deep State assassination attempt. 

“Hmm interesting… if this was some sort of attack, and God forbid it did reach him, would it make the news then as an accident… silly question I know,” a Parler user wrote, with another encouraging Muller and Stone to “get samples of anything that burnt or has residue on it.” 

What do you think? Is Stone a little bit too paranoid for his own good or is he onto something?