Treasonous RINO Liz Cheney Gets Her Behind Handed to Her by Fox Host Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham isn’t just a host at Fox News; she’s also a patriot. That means she puts America first, not politics. That’s why Ingraham does not take kindly to those who question her patriotism or try to slander her with lies.

At the moment, the top idiot trying to do this is RINO (Republican in Name Only) Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming. This spoiled, leftist daddy’s girl has been on a crusade for months now, obsessed with the January 6 Capitol riots.

Now, she’s started digging up old text messages, including one from Ingraham to President Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Cheney is on the warpath, but she wasn’t even remotely prepared for the bottom-whooping that Ingraham just unleashed.

Cheney Gets Kicked to the Curb

Cheney is in charge of a committee that spends all day hunting Trump supporters and anyone in our Congress who didn’t condemn January 6 enough. It’s in charge of trying to prove there was some big conspiracy to overthrow the government.

There clearly wasn’t, as recent texts from Don Jr. to Meadows show, but that hasn’t stopped Cheney from going after people like Ingraham for supposedly being “in” on some kind of plot.

Now, Ingraham is calling out Cheney’s “feeble-minded” lies and saying she’s part of a false leftist narrative that’s trying to attack conservatives.

On her show, Ingraham made clear she’s against any and all violence which occurred on January 6, but she’s also been clear that there was no “insurrection.”

Her texts to Meadows were actually asking him to get Trump to condemn it more strongly. The lies of Cheney that there was some supposed coup and plot are “beyond dishonest,” as Ingraham said.

She has pointed out that it’s actually Cheney who’s spreading a “big lie.” Ingraham added that Cheney is a “clown” who deserves to be laughed at and then ignored.

Cheney’s Hollow Lies

Cheney is a lair, like her globalist dad. I guess it runs in the family. She’s done her best to call Ingraham and others “deniers” of Jan. 6 who were somehow covering for an insurrection.

She accused conservatives of treason with no shame and sided with networks like CNN. As Ingraham said, she never claimed that Jan. 6 didn’t happen or that it was an inside job.

It clearly had informants and was allowed to happen by the establishment to trap Trump, but the idea it was “all” claimed to be fake is in Cheney’s head.

In fact, Ingraham was texting Meadows to warn Trump to crack down on those getting rowdy at the Capitol because it would hurt his legacy if he didn’t.

The truth about Jan. 6 is the opposite of what Cheney and the leftists are claiming. Their hollow lies and witch hunt are a disgrace to our country.