Transgenderism Wins Big as US State Becomes ‘Sanctuary’ for ‘Child Sex Changes’

The ideology of transgenderism scored a big victory in the United States. The Democrat-run state of Minnesota has officially made itself a “sanctuary state” for children getting subjected to sex change procedures.

All About the Well-being of the LGBTQIA+ Community

The march of transgenderism has been taking an increasingly heavy toll on the nation’s most innocent.

A growing number of minors seem to be getting convinced or forced to subject their bodies to the monstrous horrors of castration and other sex change surgeries, along with the intake of hormones and puberty blockers.

As Republican-led states nationwide are investing more and more efforts into banning the horrifying transgenderism procedures for kids, states run by Marxist-Communist and woke Democrats are adamantly going in the opposite direction.

The fresh case in hand is Minnesota, whose Democrat Governor Tim Walz last week signed an executive order for supporting and protecting minors getting medical sex change interventions.

Walz’s order proclaims that Minnesota and other US states and municipalities have taken measures in “solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.” It adds that Minnesota will be “maintaining a refuge” for any individuals seeking or giving “gender-affirming care services,” The Post Millennial reports.

The report notes that several states have recently prohibited “gender-affirming care” for children, arguing such “extreme interventions” for individuals with a “poorly defined psychiatric disorder” are not supported by decent evidence.

At the same time, many experts say the spread of Marxist-Communist transgenderism is the “result of social contagion.”

Child Castration and Other Trans Niceties Are ‘Essential’

The pro-transgender executive order of Minnesota’s governor bases its provisions on bodies such as WPATH, the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health.”

WPATH is deemed the “leading trans health” group in the world and last year, it declared “eunuch” to be a “valid gender identity” for children.

Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s order claims further that the “availability” of nauseating “gender-affirming” services is “essential” to the well-being of the “LGBTQIA+ community,” since this is the view of “numerous major professional associations.”

Even though the butchery that sex change treatment happens to be already well protected in Minnesota, the order cites the actions of GOP-led states, which are criminalizing the practice.

Thus, Minnesota’s pro-transgender governor claims that Republican states pose a “grave threat” to the health of youth brainwashed into “transitioning.” The governor also says it is much better to subject minors to surgeries, along with hormone and puberty blockers.

The report points out that scientific reviews in other western nations dominated by liberal communists, such as the UK, Norway, Sweden, and Finland have found child sex changes to be very poor quality treatments.

As a result, the above nations are allegedly going back to a psychotherapeutic approach to treating youth with gender dysphoria.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.