Transgenderism Suffers Legal Defeat in Hot Loudoun County, Virginia Case

The cause of transgenderism and the imposing of gender ideology upon American children and their parents suffered an emblematic legal blow.

A Virginia father, who was arrested at a local school board meeting following a local teen girl’s bathroom rape by a “trans girl,” was found not guilty of “trespassing.”

Brutality in Favor of Transgenderism

The case of Jon Tigges made global headlines in June 2021. He was brutally arrested and dragged out of a board room hearing in Loudoun County, Virginia after he protested the district’s pro-transgenderism policies.

Earlier that spring, in May 2021, a biological boy claiming to be a girl raped his teen daughter in the women’s bathroom. The girl’s father, Scott Smith, was also brutally dragged out of a school board meeting by cops.

During the school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, on June 22, 2021, Tigges tried to complain about the “moral decay” of the school authorities. At first, in October 2021, a district judge in Virginia ruled that the wretched father was guilty of “trespassing.”

However, Loudoun Circuit Judge Douglas Fleming has now overturned that sentence and ruled Tigges was not guilty of any wrongdoing, The Federalist reported.

According to the Circuit judge, the father had a right, based on the First Amendment, to be present at the school board meeting during which he protested the transgenderism crusade in American schools.

What is more, Fleming also ruled that the Loudoun school district superintendent had no right to shut down the meeting or proclaim it an “unlawful assembly.”

“My thanks to God for justice,” tweeted Tigges after his not-guilty sentence.

‘Conviction Over Comfort’

More than 250 people, primarily outraged parents, Tigges included, asked to speak during the Loudoun County School Board meeting in June 2021.

Tigges was going to protest the board’s transgender proposal making it mandatory for school employees to address students by their made-up “preferred pronouns” and allowing them to use any restroom regardless of their biological sex.

The concerned father was unable to speak, however, since the board chairwoman, Brenda Sheridan, ended the meeting, and the superintendent, Scott Ziegler, who has since been axed, said the gathering was “unlawful.”

It was Ziegler who told the hundreds of guests to leave. Tigges decisively refused to do so. In an interview with The Federalist last year, the father said he felt the event was a “public forum” and those in attendance were entitled to speak.

Even though he cited the First Amendment, Tigges was brutally tackled by police officers and then charged with trespassing.

The scandalous case was then cited by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), which colluded with Biden’s White House in a smearing campaign against parents trying to defend their children.

In September 2021, the NSBA posted a vicious complaint to the US Justice Department, asking it to crack down on the American citizens defending their nation’s centuries-old values.

Even as he celebrated his acquittal, Tigges wrote on Twitter he was very concerned about where America was going as a nation. He urged Americans to prioritize “conviction over comfort.”