Transgenderism Goes Fully Unhinged as Man Set to Win ‘Woman of the Year’

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Transgenderism is about to score a giant new victory over normalcy, truth, and basic human decency in the United States of America.

Lia Thomas, a male swimmer claiming to be female, has been officially nominated by the University of Pennsylvania to become the “Woman of the Year” of the NCAA.

A Full-Scale Onslaught

Transgenderism has been the most nauseating, amid women’s sports where utterly shameless males are using physical advantages of their physique to compete and score victories over women and girls.

They are robbing women and girls of the fruit of all of their efforts.

One of the best-known cases has been that of swimmer Lia Thomas from the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas is a fully grown male claiming he is a “woman” and, until recently, competed quite unsuccessfully against men.

(Social media photo)

Award Set Up Before Communists Figured They Can Destroy the West From Within

Those same transgenderists, those in the management of the University of Pennsylvania, have now nominated Lia Thomas to become the 2022 “Woman of the Year” of the National College Athletic Association (NCAA).

Considering how the NCAA has eagerly been allowing “trans athletes,” it’s quite plausible that a man is going to be the next “woman of the year” for college athletics.

A total of 577 nominees for the 2022 Woman of the Year Award – where each eligible college is allowed to nominate one or two athletes – were announced by the NCAA on Thursday.

Male-claiming-to-be-female swimmer Lia Thomas features proudly on the list. According to the mission statement of the award, it is meant to recognize distinguished “female student-athletes.”

Of course, the award was set up back in 1991. This was when the communists had just lost the Cold War and hadn’t yet figured out they might as well try to destroy the West from within.

The Marxist-Communist woke propaganda from the mainstream media, social media, and out of Hollywood has been going to great lengths to woke-shame and trans-shame those female athletes and their parents who dare to speak out against the insanity that’s been happening lately.

This is happening so often that many good Americans seem to be afraid and are just shutting up.

In doing so, they are letting communism march towards the establishment of a fully totalitarian dystopia where party apparatchiks of the AOC-type can just make stuff up and impose it on you any way they like.

Once it comes to that point, it will be too late for resistance because those who think of resisting the lies and manipulations this late will end up dead or in concentration camps.

Historically, this has been seen in the experiences of Soviet Russia, communist China, and dozens of other favorites of today’s American Marxists.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.