Transgender Law Change in UK Has Woke Protesters Up in Arms

This Monday, January 16, the British government decided to no longer support a Scottish law that facilitated gender reassignment.

This law allowed people to choose to change their gender through a self-declaration, without the need for a medical opinion or official recognition.

In this way, the Scottish government was guaranteeing that official documents matched each person’s gender identity, without bureaucratic measures.

However, the UK invoked a special intervention to stop this, saying it is unnecessary and legally questionable.

Scottish Government Reacts

In an official statement, Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary said the decision to bar such a law was taken in order to have consistency in laws across the UK, which includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

For Jack, it’s better to take a more careful stance on this issue; after all, he doesn’t want to have a contradictory law in Scotland compared to equality legislation in Great Britain. Jack says people who have chosen to change their sex have all his respect.

Whereas he also has to be concerned about and respect the guidelines of his country’s legislation. Everything has to be done thoroughly to ensure it’s consistent with UK law, which is why this blocking of Scotland’s pro-trans bill was necessary.

The left is reacting with fury, including within Scotland and around the world, including large protests and angry outbursts on social media.

Resistance Grows

The blocking of the law attracted the attention of various people and opponents. Harry Potter author JK Rowling received several comments for supporting it.

She’s already been victimized a lot for being against men in women’s spaces and not agreeing that a biological man can be a woman. Simply put, Rowling argues that pro-trans laws infringe on women’s rights.

The bill in question here had been passed in December; with the full support of the Scottish National Party, but has now been repealed and stopped.

Jack alleges the bill directly impacts a number of political and legislative directives in Wales, England, and Scotland and could interfere with them.

If there is any change in the bill in which he aligns himself with the Scottish Parliament, Jack does not rule out the possibility of the project being validated again. He has emphasized he just wants consistency with the UK.

Even if this isn’t a political victory or cultural step for him, other conservatives do consider it as such, since it pushes back against the idea that you can just arbitrarily “identify” as the gender you want to be.

The Bottom Line

Every step toward protecting the rights of kids and stopping the extreme fringes of the LGBT lobby is going to be met with resistance and protests. It’s still absolutely the right thing to do to stop this madness before it gets any worse.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.