‘Trans Terror’ Rages On as Young Girls Forced to Shower with Grown Males

The transgenderism terror against America’s youth, especially young schoolgirls, is fully on throughout the United States. A fully naked 18-year-old biological man with male genitalia entered the showers of 14-year-old girls.

This Is Deliberate Terrorism

At Sun Prairie East High School in Wisconsin, an 18-year-old man claiming to be “transgender” entered girls’ locker room showers, fully naked, to be in the company of four high school freshmen girls, The Daily Wire reported.

The fourteen-year-old girls were showering in bathing suits, but the grown man was completely nude, proudly exposing his male genitalia to them. That’s according to a letter sent to the Sun Prairie School District by a conservative group called Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL).

The disgusting incident at the girls’ showers occurred on March 3, 2023, after the four freshmen students were changing following a PE class. The young man was not in that class, but he showed up in the locker room and then in the showers anyway.

According to WILL, the four girls tried to rush out of the showers as soon as possible after seeing the genitalia of the “transgender” 18-year-old.

School District is All About the Trans

The incident ended up being reported by a friend of the four victims; although, as WILL reveals, the school officials tried to cover it up. Thus, Heidi Walter, the associate principal, refused to report the case to the Title IX coordinator.

To top it all off, the four girls weren’t given supportive measures; the school went out of its way to support the transgender individual. WILL noted that in its prior reactions, the school district claimed the case had been resolved.

It also touted its official guidance on restrooms and locker rooms, which claims “all children” will be welcomed and protected. Yet, in reality, this makes all kinds of concessions while making sure that normal kids, especially girls, can be harassed, terrorized, and tormented.