‘Trans’ Teacher with Z-Cup Prosthetic Breasts Rewarded with Paid Leave After Exposure

A biologically male transgender teacher in Canada made world headlines by wearing gigantic prosthetic breasts with popping nipples in front of the students.

He has been rewarded with paid leave by the school district after a conservative US newspaper revealed the individual in question only sported the nauseating looks when at work in his classroom.

Giant Plastic Breasts Are Just for the Kids

The latest revelations about Canadian high school teacher Kayla Lemieux seem to expose more of the monstrous hypocrisy of radical transgenderism

Kayla Lemieux, a male claiming to be “intersex,” has been making headlines for months now by dressing up with giant artificial breasts while teaching a wood shop at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Burlington, Ontario

The individual sporting Z-size prosthetic breasts in class has been on paid leave since last week, The New York Post reportedciting The Toronto Sun.

Apparently, the person in question deserves to keep getting paid for the disgusting performances he has been staging daily in front of high school kids.

According to Heather Francey, the Halton District School Board spokeswoman, Lemieux is no longer “on an active assignment” but is still “employed.” 

‘They Are Real.’ Not.

Last month, a New York Post report revealed Lemieux would typically ditch the giant fake breasts, wig, and makeup outside school. Instead, he walks around like a regular middle-aged man, wearing sneakers, sweatpants, and a puffer vest.

The report also cited a neighbor saying it was “extremely infrequent” to see the wood shop teacher in a transgender appearance outside the classroom.

Lemieux’s suspension with pay comes after Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Ontario Provincial Parliament members Stephen Crawford, Natalie Pierre, and Effie Triantafilopoulos blasted the Halton District School Board for failing to defend the interests of the students and “abdicating its responsibility.”

The school board has been “largely quiet” about the scandal surrounding Lemieux even as furious parents have expressed their outrage for months.

In an interview with the New York Post, Lemieux claimed “she” was not the man in the photos and even insisted “her” breasts weren’t prosthetic. “These are real,” the wood shot teacher alleged while failing to explain who had been photographed.

Lemieux also described the revelation that “she” is a “he” who only sports a transgender outlook in front of kids as “harsh and untrue.”

The now-suspended teacher said he began hormone replacement therapy two years ago and was “in transition.” However, he also said he was “not transgendered,” only born “intersex.”

Lemieux claimed further the giant breasts were caused by “gigantomastia,” a very rare medical condition which he was never diagnosed with.

The teacher declared further there was no “problem” with his appearance. In January, the Halton District School Board agreed to adopt a policy to make its employees stick to “an “appropriate and professional” appearance.