Trans Community Goes Above and Beyond to Feel “Special”

"Mermaid" by David~O

Dreaming of becoming a magical creature used to be exclusive to children who just didn’t know any better.

Now, in 2022, with a bit of help from complete ignorance, you too can become a mermaid, no matter what anyone tells you.

At least that’s what “Queen Pangke Tabora,” a former transgender Filipino woman believes.  She’s done everything in her power to push “mermaiding” culture into the mainstream, ultimately transitioning over to a mermaid’s life in 2019.

“Mermaid” by Thad Zajdowicz

Step aside “clown gender”, there’s a new sheriff in town

Apparently, the middle-aged woman first put on her pair of mock fins that year.

After getting hooked on what should’ve been nothing more than a short-lived, mid-life crisis, she’s now relegated to the depths of the ocean…for as long as her human lungs will allow her.

Queen, as the mermaid calls her “fishself,” previously transitioned. Although it didn’t prove as effective as encasing one’s legs in scaly neoprene to achieve a childhood dream of becoming a maiden of the sea.

Currently, she is a “mermaiding” and freediving teacher in Manilla.

With enough luck, the trend won’t be making too big of a splash over here in the states, especially considering how liberals just love to take things to the extremes.

However, Queen claims there are thousands more like her out there in the world, whether they’ve realized it yet or not, even forming mermaid conventions and competitions, as well as creating a multi-million dollar faux-fin industry.

Growing industry exploits delusional adults

What this means, though, is someone is raking in some serious cash off delusional adults stuck in the age they’ve peaked at.

Although the “transition” costs have declined quite a bit over the years, falling from $6k to slightly over $100 for the most basic of fins.

Unfortunately, even if mermaiding isn’t exactly the next big thing in the gender community, Washington has recently become home to the Society of Fat Mermaids.

This combined the absurd body positivity movement with dressing up as a mythical creature.

The founder of the organization, Che Monique, who is a 300-pound black transgender person, certainly checks all the diversity boxes the left loves to slap onto everything and anything.

This person believes more people should jump on the trend, claiming it allows people to be what they’ve always wanted to be.

If mermaids don’t float your boat, there are still dozens of other transspecies for you to choose from.

If you’re no stranger to defecating in a field alongside your mates, then the Pony Herd communities are tailor-made just for you.

However, much like just about any transgender community, both the ponies and the mermaids are practically just VIP fetish clubs that no person in their right mind would ever dare to join.

If anything, the growth in popularity of these trends signals a reality where we can all be Apache Attack Helicopters is right around the corner; although the trans community might not be ready for that one just yet.