‘Trans Athlete’ Robs Girl of Medal in New Bout of Transgenderist Abomination

A “trans athlete” – that is, a male claiming to be a female – robbed a real girl athlete of her state finals spot in California – leading the latter to give him a “big thumbs down,” a report reveals.

Sickening Transgenderism Case

Using various perfidious tools, Democrats managed to force their claim that it’s perfectly fine for men to compete in girls’ and women’s sports – as long as those “men” just renounce their “maleness” and agree to call themselves female.

A new nauseating case in hand has been a California high school contest. A girl was left fourth, therefore skipping the state finals in running, because of the presence of a man alleging he is a girl, The Daily Mail reports.

A video caught Adeline Johnson, a female runner of Branson High School. She remained fourth and made a “big thumbs down” gesture after “losing” her state finals spot.

The Male Didn’t Even Win

The big winner – or, rather, a terrible, delusional and disgraced loser – in the race was the “trans athlete” called Athena Ryan.

To paint a full picture of the absurdity that Americans are forced to deal with, the sporting event – CIF – North Coast Section Champions’ Meet – saw clashes between rightfully enraged parents and aggressive thug protesters.

During the medal ceremony for the 1,600-meter race, Johnson clearly expressed her outrage to the audience with her thumbs down gesture.

The big joke in that case, though, is on the transgenderists since their representative – Athena Ryan – actually failed to win the race. He remained only second, despite being a biological male.

Ryan, who is from Sonoma Academy, will move on to compete in the track and field championships of the California Interscholastic Federation next week – clearly, with no sense of shame, honesty, and basic human decency.

The video in which Johnson gave the thumbs down was published only by a body called “Independent Council on Women’s Sports,” clearly in opposition to the transgender insanity that the left is forcing upon America.