Top Theater Goes Woke on Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the most talented writer of plays in history.

From the Merchant of Venice to Othello and Hamlet, his plays have been staged for centuries and never gotten old.

The iconic Globe Theater is the original place where Shakespeare’s plays were staged. Although the original burned down, it has been rebuilt nearby in London; it’s still the top place in the world for Shakespeare performances.

Now a production of Joan of Arc will be put on at the Globe, but with a twist: Joan is going to be played by a gender non-binary individual and use “they/them” pronouns.

Woke Joan

The Globe is putting on a play called “I, Joan” that presents a gender non-binary Joan who uses pronouns. Joan of Arc is the top saint in all of France and helped save her nation and the city of Orleans from the English attackers when it was besieged in 1428 and 1429.

This play isn’t by Shakespeare, but it’s being put on at the Globe and will be launching the theater into the ultra-woke territory. Joan “themselves” is going to be played by non-binary actor Isobel Thom.

Thom said the story is crammed with “magic” and it’s so exciting to get to put this fresh spin on the timeless tale of Joan of Arc and “their” heroism.

According to Thom, this is about expanding people’s imaginations and representing the “communities” who have been marginalized, like non-binary people who don’t consider themselves to be male or female, according to the gender definitions.

Why Does This Matter?

The thing about this play is outrage about it is only fueling the hype it is generating. So why care about it in the first place? The reason is because this is an attack on women and on a specific type of woman.

Joan of Arc was not “non-binary,” nor was she confused about her gender. At 10 years old, Joan had a religious vision about saving France. She disguised herself as a boy in order to fight with the French military and defend Orleans.

Her disguising herself was never about gender confusion, it was done in accord with the requirement to be male to fight in the army at the time.

This play is an attack on tomboys, which are women who appear more masculine or like manly things. Tomboys are not “gender non-binary,” nor are they confused about gender.

This play, and the spreading gender sickness it’s endorsing under the guise of “diversity,” is trying to confuse young women who like typically masculine things and make them think they are a boy or “non-binary.”

The Bottom Line

Maybe they will do a great job in this play. Let’s see. Though we should not give a pass to this wokeness. It’s hurting young women and girls.