Top Republican Dies

The most senior Republican senator in history has died at age 88. Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah passed away on April 23 in Utah’s Salt Lake. The cause of his death has not been announced.

Orrin was a Republican leader for over four decades, serving in the Senate until 2019 when his seat was taken over by Mitt Romney.

As a heartfelt conservative and defender of the American way, Hatch consistently stood up for liberty, prosperity, family, and country.

An American Life

Hatch was born in 1934 in Homestead, Pennsylvania, a town near the Ohio border and about five hour’s drive from Philadelphia. His family later moved to Salt Lake where they had originally grown up.

A devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), Hatch also served in various positions in his church. He even produced very successful religious music for the LDS church.

Hatch married his sweetheart Elaine Hansen in his early twenties in 1957 and went on to have six kids.

In terms of his stature as a senator, Hatch began a highly successful political career and entered the Senate as a young man in 1976.

Hatch was a key conservative figure and a co-founder of the Federalist Society who worked hard to stand up for the Constitution.

Hatch worked to protect the rights of the unborn, keep our market as free as possible, cut burdensome taxes and regulations, protect the sanctity of marriage, improve our education system, and much more.

There are two Democrats who were in the US Senate longer than him, but Hatch is the longest-serving GOP senator in American history.

Protecting Life and Liberty

Hatch was particularly well known for the Hatch amendments he tried to put into the Constitution to protect the unborn and scale back pro-abortion extremism in America.

He also made big waves for defending Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas against the false accusations made against Thomas by Anita Hill during his nomination.

Hatch didn’t always agree with the GOP on every issue and supported stem cell research and the bank bailout in the wake of the financial recession.

He also worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on certain issues across the aisle, but he was a stalwart conservative.

Hatch also became well known for strongly opposing Obamacare, saying it was a sea of red tape and anti-American regulations that was so complex and unnecessary it could make a normal person “barf.”

Rest in Peace, Senator Hatch

Senator Hatch was the kind of statesman that this country rarely sees anymore. He passed more legislation upon retirement than any other politician. He got the job done, and he loved this country.

What more can you ask of a politician than getting positive results and putting our country first? Rest in peace, Senator Hatch.