Top Official Reveals More Updates on Chinese Spy Balloon

Tensions between the United States and China are progressively ratcheting up. Given the already existing competition between our nation and the communist regime, this has the potential to get extremely ugly.

Right now, the latest drama pertains to a spy balloon that was flying above our country’s airfield, notably right over spaces where American military business is conducted.

Before the US military eventually downed the balloon, the Chinese regime alleged that it was nothing more than a device used for meteorology. China also alleged that the balloon simply found its way off of its intended course.

Needless to say, Americans aren’t buying it. In fact, new information from a top official should be enough for folks nationwide to remain on high alert, per CNBC.

Breaking Developments Change Everything

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, confirmed that China’s spy balloon threatens not just the security of the United States, but also of NATO’s other member nations, along with even more countries around the world.

Stoltenberg revealed that China is making new investments for the direct purpose of collecting intel globally.

Because of what the communist regime is doing, the NATO secretary general stressed the importance of impacted nations taking the necessary precautions in order to protect themselves.

This especially includes the United States, given our direct competition with China.

Right now, US government officials are still investigating the Chinese balloon that’s since been shot out of the sky. There are still many unanswered questions regarding what information the device captured before being neutralized.

In any event, the facts revealed by Stoltenberg show that our country and others around the world may not know the full extent of what China has planned going forward.

More on China

In additional news, the NATO chief explained that China is working to fortify its nuclear power and its military. What’s most concerning is the communist regime making these moves with zero transparency.

Stoltenberg explained that in addition to making threats against Taiwan, the Chinese government is also working to dominate the South China Sea and establish closer connections with Moscow, Russia.

Other concerning acts of China that Stoltenberg drew attention to are the regime’s efforts to seize control of infrastructure in other countries, including NATO countries, and increase its own domestic human rights violations.

In other words, it is the view of the NATO secretary general that China is posing an increasingly more dangerous threat to the rest of the world. How other nations can go about handling this remains to be seen.

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