Top Liberal TV Host Gets Fired

These days on left wing news networks, almost anything goes. People like Malcolm Nance of MSNBC have even accused conservatives of wanting to “kill” liberal neighbors and of being terrorists.

Like I said, just about anything goes, as long as you’re hating on white people, Christians, or Trump supporters. Yet, even MSNBC has limits; they recently fired host Tiffany Cross after she crossed one too many lines with her on-air commentary.

Cross Crosses the Line

Tiffany Cross worked at MSNBC for just about two years, where she headed up her program, The Cross Connection.

Cross is not exactly subtle; she even makes Nance look like a chill guy. Basically, her deal is that she wants a civil war in America and keeps talking about it on air.

In fact, according to Cross there already is a civil war and it’s between ignorant, racist conservative fascists and enlightened, peace-loving liberal people like her.

Does anyone else wonder exactly what universe this woman is living in, because I sure do. It’s either that or she’s popping pills or smoking smoke that’s potent as hell.

One thing you can say on Cross’ behalf is she’s an entertaining commentator and not afraid to say whatever she damn well wants. It just so happens that what she wants to say is extremely offensive and immature.

Want More Examples?

Cross hasn’t just been shooting her mouth about civil war. She also likes to go off about places she doesn’t like, especially conservative red states like Florida, which she recently said is the “dick” state of the country.

As if comparing an entire state to a male genital isn’t enough, Cross peppered her commentary with frequent racism.

She didn’t make it subtle either, outright saying white people are bad and are to blame for America’s party. That’s a pretty broad category of people, Ms. Cross!

That’s like saying the main problem in America is black people. In other words, it’s really, really racist.

Well, now Cross won’t have a platform to spout her hate on MSNBC. I’m sure she’ll still be able to open up her own YouTube channel or get some other network to take a chance on her.

The sad thing is there’s quite a big market for anti-white, anti-American hate out there among news networks.

Bye Bye Cross

MSNBC is letting Cross go; she was abruptly given the news several days ago, but don’t make any mistakes about why this is happening.

It’s not because network heads really have a problem with what she says. It’s just a more intense version of what’s already been spouted off 24/7 on this garbage channel.

The reason she was let go is simply that Cross spoke too bluntly. She was supposed to wrap her words in more vague terms and ways that make it sound academic or abstract.

Her directness caused controversy and issues with advertisers; so she was shown the door. It’s really that simple.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.