Top Democrat is Losing Her Marbles, May Have to Quit

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has represented her state in the US Senate since 1992. She is 88-years-old.

Like the current president, Feinstein also happens to be completely senile and losing her marbles.

The news has now leaked out into the mainstream media after a report in the San Francisco Chronicle cited other unnamed members of Congress who are very worried about Feinstein’s mental clarity.

Here’s what happened…

Feinstein is Completely Losing Her Grip

All of us get older; senility or Alzheimer’s are tragic conditions. Though we obviously can’t have someone who should be in a nursing home representing Americans in the Senate.

An unnamed Democrat in Congress sat down to talk to Feinstein about legislation and say they had to keep introducing themselves to her because she couldn’t remember who they were.

Feinstein also reportedly kept questioning them about very basic things they’d already told her. This really worried the individual who was talking to Feinstein.

It worried them to such an extent they asked other Democrats if there was some way to get Feinstein to agree to vacate her seat.

At this point, Feinstein is slated to remain in the Senate until 2024 under her current term. She has a reputation among colleagues for being smart and quick, and they say her current condition is not good.

Furthermore, Feinstein’s husband, Richard, died in February of this year, which was another big blow; she can barely do her job anymore or remember basic items on the agenda.

Her position as senator represents around 40 million Californians. That’s a job that requires full mental acuity.

Past Efforts to Get Feinstein to Step Down

Senator Chuck Schumer and others have already tried to convince Feinstein to step down. However, she hasn’t listened and has been very hurt by their suggestions that her time in the Senate is coming to a close.

Her husband Richard also tried to talk to her about it before his death, unsuccessfully. Many in Capitol Hill say it is common knowledge she suffers from a serious case of Alzheimer’s disease.

She often forgets people who are close to her, who she’s known for years. Feinstein has commented on these concerns by saying her “record” stands for itself and she’s doing her best to serve the people of California.

She said the death of her husband has been extremely stressful and any lapses in her duties can be explained by this family loss.

The Bottom Line

Aging is not a crime, but when members of our legislative branch refuse to step down, even when they are seriously compromised, it is very dangerous.

This makes them even easier to manipulate for somebody’s agenda. It leaves their seat taken up that could be occupied by a younger and fresh individual.