Top Biden COVID Adviser: New Infections Spike Going to Shut Down America

As omicron spreads around the country, a leading adviser to the Biden regime says society will likely shut down again in the coming weeks.

This time, it’s not Dr. Fauci. This man is Dr. Michael Osterholm, who advises Biden on COVID, as part of his response team. Osterholm is also a leading researcher at the University of Minnesota’s center for studying infectious diseases.

At this point, Osterholm said life as normal is going to be very hard to keep up. That’s why we have to ask: is Joe Biden’s “winter of death” coming true?

Winter of Death on the Way?

The head of the CDC, Rochelle Wolensky, has been asked about Biden shortening quarantine periods from 10 days to a five-day period. She says it’s about being realistic and making sure people actually follow quarantine.

According to Osterholm, there will be such a “dramatic” increase in COVID cases across America in the coming weeks that normal life is going to come to a grinding halt.

For one thing, healthcare workers are getting sick with COVID, which is taking one out of every ten or so workers out of commission. This leaves fewer people at hospitals able to care for the sick, which includes huge amounts of vaccinated people getting seriously ill with COVID.

Osterholm didn’t mention the issue of unvaccinated healthcare workers being fired or put on unpaid leave. Despite being willing to be at risk and work, many nurses and healthcare professionals who don’t want the vaccine have been forced to stop working.

This is also part of the reason hospitals are shortchanged right now; although, you won’t hear the mainstream media or the CDC mention it.

What We’re Seeing So Far

Despite some reports of overcrowded hospitals and some alarm from the media, so far, we have not yet entered Biden’s “winter of death.”

Tech billionaire and vaccine cheerleader (and funder) Bill Gates says he’s canceling holiday plans and his friends are sick with omicron; we saw slowdowns of the subway system in New York, but so far, there is not a full-on emergency.

At this point, we can hope for the best, but we still need to take Osterholm’s warning seriously. There are two reasons for this.

One is to protect the health of our country and against the new variant and other forms of COVID, which aren’t stopped by the vaccine.

However, the other is also because we know the Democrats never miss a chance to expand their power and control. A rising number of COVID cases gives them the perfect chance to sow fear and confusion and grip us all even tighter in their iron grip.

We must be on guard.

More updates will come as the story develops.