Top 10 Conservative Politicians of 2021

As America survives the Biden regime, certain politicians and American leaders have come up as defenders of liberty and the American way.

Here are the top 10 conservative politicians of 2021.

10. Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz had a downgrade in popularity back when he was against Trump, but he’s come back from that. Cruz has since shown he’s a serious threat to the left. Good for him!

9. President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has mostly laid low since leaving office, but he’s remained a tireless cheerleader for our country. Trump has still spoken out against Biden’s lies, despite being banned from social media.

8. Senator Tim Scott

As the lone black conservative in the Senate, Scott is constantly insulted and attacked by the left. However, he maintains his strong America First attitude and never lets the racism and hatred of the left get him down. Go, Tim!

7. Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has started building the Texas border wall and is a defender of American lives. He is stepping up where Biden is failing and he deserves major credit for that.

6. Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas has shown himself to be a strong defender of unborn life and someone who respects our Constitution. As the pressure increases on conservatives by the day, he is standing his ground.

5. Judge Bruce Schroeder

Judge Bruce Schroeder faced threats to his life and his family for his role in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. He cared more about justice than the hate and lies of the mob. For that, he deserves a spot on this list, regardless of his political views (which we do not know).

4. Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all murder charges earlier this year, after being persecuted by our sick liberal media who tried to frame him with a false narrative. He stood up to their hate and even called out President Biden for his lies. This boy’s got some brass in his shorts.

3. Bob Dole

The late, great Bob Dole is someone we should never forget. He was a tireless voice for liberty who passed away this year. Dole was an incredible war hero and a patriot. Rest in peace, sir.

2. Rand Paul

Rand Paul has gone head-to-head with Dr. Fauci and other liars in the Biden regime. He has put America First at all times. He is a patriot we can all be proud of!

1. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has been a tireless champion of liberty, keeping Florida’s economy open and standing up to the unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates of the Biden regime.

DeSantis knows freedom isn’t free and Florida has the potential to be a future home for all patriots. He is one of the brightest beacons of freedom in America today!