Tim Scott Goes Viral For Appearance on The View

The field of candidates for the 2024 GOP nomination is quickly expanding.

With the first presidential primary debate being months out, candidates are now campaigning, trying to connect with voters, and especially working to secure key states, such as New Hampshire and Iowa.

One of the candidates competing to win the Republican nomination is South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott. Scott has been clear that he believes he’s the best candidate to unite the country and revive the conservative movement in the United States.

As of late, though, Scott is going viral for his recent appearance on The View, as reported by Washington Examiner.

Stepping into the Lions’ Den

During Scott’s time on The View, he challenged the show’s co-hosts for their past remarks about black Americans’ ability to succeed in this country.

Another issue that came up was none other than the indoctrination of kids and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis clashing with Disney over the matter.

Despite DeSantis now being his opponent for the 2024 Republican nomination, Scott refused to denounce him for going up against Disney. In fact, the South Carolina senator expressly said DeSantis began on the “right foot” as it pertains to taking a stand against kids being indoctrinated.

It was at this point that the audience of The View booed Scott. Interestingly enough, co-host Whoopi Goldberg intervened, sternly letting the audience know they’re not allowed to boo guests of the show, even if they disagree with the guests.

A Warm Reception From Conservatives

After Scott’s appearance on The View, conservatives largely praised him for the points he made while on air. Likewise, the South Carolina senator was commended for the way he respectfully handled pushback, while still managing to be direct and get his point across.

As the 2024 GOP primary proceeds, Americans will continue to get a look at what Scott and other contenders are bringing to the table.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.