The Woke Left Declares an Attack on Christianity in the US

The pull movements like the “Anti-Racism Cult” and “Wokeness Cult” have on modern media and our youngest generations are concerning, to say the least; now, they’re after one of the few things we had left, our beliefs.

To anyone trying to make sense of this, it’s hard to come up with an answer better than the entirety of the left being deranged; they wouldn’t be too wrong to think that.

Long gone are the times when religion was respected, at least for the woke mob

Calling these movements “cults” is often frowned upon, but their actions and agenda all point to them being a textbook definition of one; except this time, they’re as real as can be and they’re all around us.

It takes a fool not to notice the negative impact they’ve had on this once-great country, as reports have shown that three in four American children now fear the future that the climate change movement presented them with.

This lie has outgrown itself to such grotesque proportions that the younger generations are convinced an apocalyptic end of the world is right around the corner, and “climate change“ will be our downfall.

While it’s somewhat true that the average temperatures have been going haywire for the past couple of years, it’s not enough to warrant the all-out war on fossil fuels that the left’s been propagating for years, especially considering the effect it’d have on our economy.

Opiate for the masses

Whichever one of these “cults” you look at, it seems their main goal is controlling what we think and do in a way that fits their narrative. More often than not, it’s one that’s radically different from what this country once stood for.

Freedom of speech is in our First Amendment; the woke mob’s main goal is taking it away from us like it isn’t our God-given right to express ourselves.

So many have lost their jobs and social standing just for saying the “wrong thing”, and it was usually something that wasn’t even problematic a couple of months ago until some snowflake decided to take issue with it.

This type of system is something akin to what George Orwell warned us about in “1984” and it won’t be long until the so-called “thoughtcrime” becomes a reality.

Apart from the aforementioned, the left forced a full echelon of woke ideas onto our nation’s youngest, including the COVID-19 crisis and the social contagion forced onto them via the Chinese app TikTok.

It’s hard to imagine things can get any worse from here on out, but with what the woke mob has demonstrated up until this point, it’s normal to expect they’ve got more up their sleeve.

Sadly, those involved aren’t even aware that their leaders don’t believe in any of the crap they’re serving them; these “causes” are only being used to push an agenda that tends to go over all of their heads.

The opiate for the masses remains high both in supply and demand; the left won’t stop peddling it until this place is only a shell of the country it once was.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.