The Woke Crowd Zeroes in on the Capitol’s Bathrooms

"SCOTUS APRIL 2015 LGBTQ 54663" by Ted Eytan

A recent development in Congress caught the attention of social media netizens, more specifically the left-leaning crowd.

Two leading Democrats have called for the installation of gender-neutral toilets in the Capitol.

The perpetrators in question, Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark and House Democrat Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, sent a letter earlier this week, pushing for the committee to support their single-occupancy restroom plan.

“2016.05.21 Capital TransPride Washington DC USA 0395” by Ted Eytan

Liberals ready to storm Capitol over lack of non-gendered bathrooms

They backed up this absurd idea with claims these bathrooms are crucial for the Capitol to function properly. It would ease bathroom access for both tour groups and the establishment’s transgender staff.

They wrote that all interns, staff, and visitors should be presented with safe restrooms, almost as if the concept of privacy with the standard bathrooms wasn’t good enough for the transgendered snowflakes.

Furthermore, Clark and Jeffries claimed Congress is purposely limiting the employment of persons belonging to the transgender community. This, if true, would imply there is no need for the proposed changes to the building’s restrooms.

The only argument that actually supports their idea is those visiting the Capitol should have access to appropriate hygienic facilities, as disabled individuals can benefit greatly from single-occupancy bathrooms.

Who actually asked for this?

Aside from catering to a very specific group of individuals, the soon-to-be-implemented changes won’t be as impactful as the two would like you to believe.

That’s especially considering the fact that up until they proposed it, no one was demanding these types of restrooms.

They based their whole narrative on the idea there exists only one single-use restroom on the premises, located in the Longworth building’s bathroom.

This leads to many office workers from the Cannon and Rayburn buildings walking outside to find a “safe” restroom to use.

So far, media companies have jumped on the story like there’s no tomorrow.

Most of them are teaming up with the LGBT community and praising Clark and Jeffries for their “bravery” in fighting for the rights of gender non-conforming individuals.

The President of the LGBT Congressional Staff Association, John A. Martin, reiterated Clark and Jeffries’s statements on the importance of these restrooms, assuring that their names will go down in LGBT history.

As it stands, it’s highly likely this Democratic call for action is merely riding the Biden administration’s wave of support for the LGBT community, which most recently included a handful of gestures celebrating “Pride month.”

So what is next for America?

Is it special trans-friendly sections in boutiques, segregated public transport spaces, and selective healthcare?

That’s exactly the kind of thing that would turn America back hundreds of years, all under the auspices of Democrats and their neo-liberal ideologies…